Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Huffington Post's False Report on Palin and Evolution

by Lisa Graas, editor --

Arianna Huffington's liberal news site The Huffington Post, a publication not known for being very reliable when it comes to science -- see here, here and here -- but well known for sensationalizing headlines -- see here, here and here -- has seriously misrepresented both science and Sarah Palin in regard to Palin's professed belief regarding evolution.

HuffPo headline, November 16, Rachel Weiner: Palin Suggests Evolution Not Real in "Going Rogue".

The first sentence of the article says:

Sarah Palin suggests in her memoir, "Going Rogue" that she doesn't believe in evolution.

That's a complete lie. The article continues by quoting comments from her memoir about an exchange she had with McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt on the subject of evolution which, as I explained in this article, is the position of the Catholic Church and is fully backed up by known science. Also, the quotes from Palin in the HuffPo article itself show that she doesn't deny evolution as science has, to date, proven definitively.

Below is a comment I left for the article:

The text of the article doesn't jive with the headline. She says she believes in evolution within a species but not that one species evolved into a separate species. The headline is, therefore, completely false. She believes in evolution within species, so it's in error to say she suggests she doesn't believe in evolution. Science hasn't revealed data showing that one species has ever evolved into another species. If she wants to believe that they didn't, that is her right. There's nothing within science to prove her wrong. I grow weary of the press misleading people about who this woman is. Thankfully, I can figure out who she is by ignoring the headline and the first sentence of the article and reading her actual words. I wonder how many other people reading things about her on this site would do the same. I suggest a correction of the headline and first sentence is very much in order.
While evolution may be a very uncomfortable subject for many people, it doesn't have to be. There is never anything to fear from the truth. Science has shown that traits may evolve within a species. People of faith can't deny science because we know that God is the author of reason. Unfortunately for atheists -- or people who are otherwise threatened in some way by belief in a Creator -- science has not shown that one species has ever evolved into another. Many wish that science would show that, but the truth is that it hasn't yet, and wishful thinking is not the same as science.

I'm unimpressed by Weiner's wishful thinking. Her wishful thinking -- belief in the erroneous idea that science has proven that one species has evolved into another -- is as troublesome to people of faith as faith can be to people who prefer wishful thinking.

I don't find fault with Weiner's choice to disagree with Palin on the issue. She has as much right to hold on to her wishful thinking as Palin has to hold on to her faith. That's neither here nor there. What I do take serious issue with, though, is the false headline and the suggestion that Palin denies known science. It's a lie, plain and simple.

I pray that we never get used to lies and I pray that we don't shirk from calling out those who lie so publicly when the topic seems uncomfortable. Folks, much is at stake in America and we can't be wimps when it comes to standing up against such nonsense as this lie from Weiner at HuffPo.

Faith and wishful thinking vary widely. Let people believe whatever they want when there's no proven right or wrong answer. Blatant falsehood must always be corrected, though. So it is in the case of Rachel Weiner's outright lie about Sarah Palin and evolution.

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