Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Another Routine Debunking For PDS Sufferers

When it comes to fighting the anti-Palin smear campaign, there is never a loss for words or arguments to debunk the myths and thought twisting that those who suffer from Palin Derangement Syndrome continue to pour upon us. Since the day David Axelrod waived his magic wand over the Alaska bloggers early in Palin's vice presidential campaign, Palin supporters have been writing and fighting the good fight, armed with something PDS sufferers know very little about: facts.

There are the typical memes which can be taught from a text book by now that those on the left continue to use. For example, according to the Huffington Post, Sarah Palin "quit" the 5K race she ran on Thanksgiving. She also "lies" in her book. She's too "inexperienced" to be president. And my favorite one: she's a moron, but she's hot. Pardon the yawn.

But, there's a different angle they're trying out now. So, even though this column is just your normal routine debunking of anti-Palin myths, this blogger felt it important enough to give credit to the Huffington post for thinking up "a new one." Yup, now they're going to try to use her own book and her own supporters against her.

Since detractors have been unable to stop Palin's ascent in the latest polls with their usual bluster, they're now trying to convince Palin supporters that Palin's book is not factual. Mario Almonte writes on Huffington Post "In Going Rogue, Palin flirts dangerously close to morally dubious grounds, and it is making supporters wonder if she too isn't spiritually corrupt and undeserving of their loyalty." Divide and conquer. This must be the last technique they have left in their playbook.

In looking down their own long noses, liberals like Almonte want to try to spin Palin supporters into thinking their perfect and virtuous woman is not deserving of such a high altitude on the pedestal that has been created for her. They're using the media that lies to try to convince Palin supporters that Palin lies. That's really funny.

The fact of the matter is even Palin critic Geraldo Rivera has said that the inconsistencies in Going Rogue are materially inconsequential. So which is it, liberals: spiritually corrupt or materially inconsequential?

Apparently liberals have never taken a law or criminal justice class in which they do an experiment where three people witness the same event and then have to give their accounting of it. When looking at how Sarah Palin recollects the facts, we see the human side of her. She calls it like she sees it, not how Huffington Post sees and not how you or I see it. Although the event is the same, the three people in the experiment will always give you three different versions. If one of those three people was a liberal, the experiment wouldn't count because you're supposed to recount the event based on how you perceived it, not how you would have liked it to have happened!

Nice try. But, the left and the elitist snobs who have been vilifying Sarah Palin for over a year now have lost way too much credibility even for this to work. They have been crying wolf for so long now that they could show surveillance tape footage on Huffington Post of Palin having a romantic encounter with the security guard just to get past him to rob the bank, smile into the camera and leave with the loot, and still no one would believe them.

Sarah Palin could "hike the Appalachian" trail and it would take Palin supporters longer than it's taking Mark Sanford to step down as governor to sift through the information to determine whether or not it's true. Liberals have left themselves no wiggle room for the truth to even enter their arguments that if, God forbid, Sarah Palin actually did do something wrong, Palin supporters would not be so quick to believe it.

Legions of faithful followers have stuck with Sarah Palin through Troopergate, Katie Couric, resigning as governor, her feud with Levi Johnston and unsubstantiated rumors of divorce and federal indictment. I highly doubt that putting her book under a microscope is going to have any adverse effect on her supporters.
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