Monday, November 23, 2009

Memo To Kathleen Parker


To: Kathleen Parker
From: Josh Painter
Date: 11/21/09
RE: Your Latest Palin Rant

You wrote:
"Some of the commentary aimed at Palin during the presidential campaign was clearly over the top -- vile and vicious in some cases... Vile and vicious is standard fare for anyone in the public eye these days. That's no justification for it, ever, but Palin's experience, if higher-profile than most, is not unique."
Really, Ms. Parker. Not unique?

Has Sasha Obama ever been photoshopped like this? Has David Letterman made jokes about Malia Obama getting "knocked up" by a  professional sports figure?

When Beau Biden joined the Delaware National Guard, were "vile and vicious" rumors spread around the Web that he did so to avoid going to jail?

Has the son of an elected Democrat official ever hacked into Mitt Romney's e-mail account and posted the contents on the internet?

Has anyone ever set fire to Mike Huckabee's church while there were people inside the building? If someone had done such a "vile and vicious" thing, would they have gotten away with it scot free?

Have "vile and vicious" lies ever been spread by the nutroots left that Bobby Jindal and his wife both had affairs and they were going to get a divorce?

How many trumped-up "ethics" complaints have been filed against Mitch Daniels?

How many t-shirts have been printed up with "Carly Fiorina is a c__t" printed on them?

Has Andrew Sullivan ever pushed a conspiracy theory claiming Lynne Cheney is not the mother of any of her children, but that she is actually the grandmother and her husband is the father?

Has it ever been claimed that Gov. Butch Otter hates animals and shoots wolves from helicopters? When has Gov. Jan Brewer ever been accused of making porn movies? How about Gov. John Hoeven? Has he been accused of calling President Obama "Sambo"? Do late-night "comics" ever joke that Gov. Linda Lingle can see China from her house? When has the claim ever been made that Gov. Rick Perry has a meth lab in his house?

We could go on like this for hours, Ms.Parker, but we hope you get the point. Alas, we're not sure if you can manage to get the point.

Given the points that we've made, do you still maintain that Sarah Palin's experience is "not unique"? If so, then your obsessive disdain for Sarah Palin can't be excused by your ignorance.  

- JP
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