Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Naomi Wolf Says Palin is a "Front Person" for a "Cabal"

by Lisa Graas, editor --

Remember last night when I said that the mainstream media has lost its collective mind? At about that same time, CNN's Larry King offered up a panel of four women - two liberal and two conservative -- to discuss Sarah Palin. Therein, we're afforded yet another example of the insanity.

Among King's guests was Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth and self-professed coiner of the term "third-wave feminism". (Watch Naomi Wolf describe what third-wave feminism is.) Obviously, she's a very thoughtful and accomplished person who has an interest in helping to shape the debate about what being a woman in America means today. She might have taken this opportunity to defend Sarah Palin against the rampant sexism being churned out on what is arguably an unprecedented scale against Palin. Unfortunately, Wolf chose to go effortlessly and severely off the very deep end in advertising her conspiracy theory about the governor.

Hat-tip to Noel Sheppard and NewsBusters for the video below of the exchange. NewsBusters has the transcript, as well.

Kudos to Mary Matalin and Nancy Pfotenhauer who gave the conservative view.

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