Thursday, November 26, 2009

Phil Jones Says Warming Not Based on Temperatures

by Lisa Graas, editor --

Five Australian MPs have resigned in protest of the Liberal party's support for emissions trading. News about ClimateGate -- revealing emails from "a veritable who's who in climate science" including "conversations that allude to potentially manipulating climate data to 'hide the decline' of temperatures seen in the last decade" -- seems to be going viral. A parody video, Hide the Decline, posted recently on YouTube has received over 168,000 views.

Phil Jones, Director of the Climatic Research Unit, and main author of the emails in question, has responded:
"That the world is warming is based on a range of sources: not only temperature records but other indicators such as sea level rise, glacier retreat and less Arctic sea ice."

Hear that, Johnny? "Warming" isn't based on "temperatures". Silly us for doubting!! Let the economic destruction begin!
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