Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Feminist

by Lisa Graas, editor --

From Melanie Kirkpatrick of the Wall Street Journal, book review, Going Rogue: An American Life:

Mrs. Palin emerges as a new style of feminist: a politician who took on the Ole Boy network and won; a wife with a supportive husband whose career takes second place to hers; and a mother who, unlike working women of an earlier age, isn't shy about showcasing her family responsibilities. She writes with sensitivity
and affection about her gay college roommate, and she confesses her anguish when she found out that she was carrying a baby with Down syndrome. That experience, she says, helped her to understand why a woman might be tempted to have an abortion. This is not the prejudiced, dim-witted ideologue of the popular liberal imagination.

Full review here.

Sarah Palin is, indeed, a "new kind of feminist". She single-handedly crushes the arguments on the left, that a woman must have an abortion to get anywhere in life, and the arguments from the very "dim-witted" guys on the right (there are a few of them still out there) who think a woman has no place in politics. Sarah is a Susan B. Anthony feminist -- an old style feminist for the modern age........and we love her for it!

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