Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Close Enough' is Not Good Enough in Science

by Lisa Graas, editor --

This somewhat seasoned, middle-aged mom of four watches current events and wonders what the heck is going on. I have some confidence in my position that many of the loudest voices in the world have lost their willingness and/or ability to reason clearly. Whether it is due to a loss of mental faculties, evil intentions or both remains to be seen. To be sure, there have been ages past when mankind was more brutal, but not in my lifetime have I ever seen such madness in the absence of brutality. Can brutality be far around the corner?

We're all familiar with the fact that many during the 2008 campaign were, and still are being, duped by Obama because voters abandoned their responsibility to educate themselves about the issues and the positions of the candidates. Example: The only "change" in Congress was that the already Democratic majority got more seats than they previously held. I'm not sure a majority of Americans have come to realize that historical fact.

Al Gore and his cohorts have duped millions, as well. Climategate is the latest, large-scale example of man tossing his reason out the window. In ClimateGate, we've learned that in the so-called "science" that is certain to impact the climate talks in Copenhagen -- data put together by researchers at the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit -- the scientific method was abandoned. Why? Because in today's "science", it's believed that "close enough is good enough". Who can bear it?

Children are being taught in schools (e.g., The Story of Stuff) that "corporate greed" is to blame for what they tell us is a "dying planet". We frequently hear the words "science" and "greed" being tossed at us as if they are 'the great good' and 'the great evil', respectively. Dissent against the Church of Global Warming results in the dissenter being labeled an idiot.....or worse. How ironic that the left joyfully embraces what they so often accuse the Catholic Church of doing to Galileo. (Note: Here's the Catholic version of that story. I'd be shocked if more than a handful of you have heard it.)

The Wall Street Journal reports in an editorial entitled The Economics of Climate Change that "climate establishment figures" are raking in loads of money because of their fear-mongering.


To keep this money flowing, climate scientists needed to keep the fear going.
Anything that called into question their most dire predictions of climate
catastrophe would put all that funding at risk. On the other hand, the bigger
the climate calamity, the more willing governments became to fund global-warming
research. Keeping the dissenters on the outside was not simply a matter of
academic jealousy. It was in many cases a question of professional survival.

See also Brett Stephens' article, Follow the Money. He states rightly, "....vested interests are an enemy of sound science."

"Science" that isn't science at all has become the 'gospel' to climate alarmists while 'greed' has become the apple of their eye and the engine that moves forward their trains of ambition rolling ever closer to a more socialist world. In rejecting the scientific method, even in the name of "science", and by securing billions upon billions in public money while decrying corporate "greed", climate activists have embraced chaos.

I recall a time when people could and did reason together rather well. Back in the day, when we were battling the liberals in the Clinton Administration, our opponents were no less wrong than they are now, but didn't seem hell bent on destroying the world economy as we know it, either. The more I observe world events, as of late, the more clear it becomes to me that "reason" and "moderation" are not in the vocabulary for them.

Of course, we must hope that things can change for the better. For the time being, though, I don't think I've ever been more disturbed by the scale of leftist idiocy than I've been in the past two years.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to put the brakes on this train.

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