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More Explanations of The Palin Factor Today

I'm still in awe over the whole Sarah Palin factor in the world today. Don't get me wrong, because I definitely like her and all, but that would be the norm from a simple person such as myself. I thought up until now that I had seen it all though when it came to political hate with the Bush years, and I am quickly learning that I ain't seen nothing yet. This started of course a little over a year ago, when the Mainstream media was attacking her stupidity, and lack of skills, and it didn't pass the smell test. I'll be the first to admit that if MSNBC tells me something I hit the Internet to see what the truth is, but it was really over the top since all the people attacking her were justifying a man who never completed a full term of Senator at any level. That same man hadn't held a job other than community organizer, or professor, as well, and I could smell a little indoctrination.

Now I'm not charging out of the gates to endorse Sarah Palin, but I am using this as an example of how the average person out there might. When a lot of Americans saw the only person on a ballot with Executive experience being attacked as hard as she was, it makes some people like myself think that there has got to be something to her. Obama, Biden, and McCain had no Executive experience and were all treated better. Palin by example had been both a Mayor and a Governor. Being a Senator is a world of different, and those that knew that immediately started taking notice. Then there were the second round that started taking notice based on "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" theory that applied to me when I noted the MSM bias. The third round is what we are seeing now, and that is the "even the most ignorant can see what piling on looks like" and they are trying to learn more about her.

I think the most interesting person I found explaining the great values of Sarah Palin lately was one of the loudest of Obama supporters in the last election. He also happens to be a black man that I work with, who told me that after he read a book review in the local paper, bought Sarah Palin's book and became immediately hooked on it. He had it read in the entire weekend, and even used the word "charming" when explaining it to me. The interesting part of it all was that before that he had been spewing the venom that MSNBC and CNN had told him to, but that book review had turned him around pretty fast. Why you may ask? From his own mouth it was "A review on what the reviewer hated about Palin personally with a few quotes to back it up" and he couldn't stress enough how obvious it was.

Now aside from the fact that I was pretty proud of him for doing all this on his own I was even more proud of Sarah Palin in all of this. Seriously, I don't think the average person realizes how difficult it is to have the amount of hate thrown at them that the average politician does. To be a pro-life woman puts you on a whole different plain of hate that is reserved for "traitors to the cause" that they get labeled as. This goes the same for right wing black men and women, but it especially hits a serious crescendo for women in general that have a conservative viewpoint. The bullies in the media always attack conservative women with things that have nothing to do with anything. They go after the way the woman looks, the way they act or talk, and most importantly, they go after everyone around them. I'm sure the Levi Johnston factor has a lot to do with Sarah Palin's popularity these days, as we are talking about a man that has done nothing in this world aside from impregnate her daughter. Throwing him around as nothing more than an "irrelevant humiliation factor" has got to be throwing the independent thinkers towards her more and more every day.

Then there was that attack by Norah O'Donnell at the Palin book signing. Sure some people can laugh because a 17 year old girl didn't know everything about Sarah Palin, but a lot of people didn't. Common sense and a very active right wing radio, pointed out that Norah and her note cards was prepared to go "git" someone. The fact that she chose a 17 year old girl looked like bullying, and again it was the typical norm that you see whenever an MSM reporter and Sarah Palin are involved. I heard a lot of comments from people that normal I would have put in the "uninformed" column about Norah the day after that happened and they weren't pretty, especially when they compared her to David Letterman. Simply sitting back and watching all of the backlash that the MSM is creating upon themselves in regards to Sarah Palin, is a lot more entertaining that listening to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Mark Levin, do their schtick on the whole affair. On that note, I am starting to hear more and more of the people that "didn't care" talking about those radio shows, that I can guarantee you they didn't care about until lately. When I heard one of the Dominicans that I work with quoting Fox News, I knew that it was starting to get serious.

People can only put up with "mind numb robot" syndrome so long. I can even defend some of the things that MSM would say about many of the alternative news sources. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't want to strangle Sean Vanity when my grandmother leaves the station on in my car after she borrows it. The guy gets on my nerves something fierce, but on the other hand, he says a lot of things that other people want to hear and they aren't going to get it by turning on MSNBC. It doesn't make them stupid. It doesn't make them indoctrinated, and worse than that I'm pretty sure that it makes more than a few turn on just to see how stupid all those "mind numb robots" are and never stop listening. In the theater of ideas, you win more battles with ideas, than with insults. Trust me on that one because I always shut off anyone who attacks me on a personal level unrelated to the argument at hand. As idiotic as I think the other side on most arguments may be, I can assume that they do the exact same thing when I use terms like "commie" or "moonbat" or something else that is purely insulting and don't add to the argument. What I don't understand is why I figured this out, and I am far from professional, and those that are professional have not and probably never will?

One of the greatest days of my life was when I met Paul Tsongas. I was a Republican and he was a Democrat. I changed my voting status, just so that I could vote for him in the New Hampshire primary, because he was engaging, and had logic that I really appreciated. In the end he won the New Hampshire primary later to lose to Bill Clinton. When I met Bill Clinton {the week before I met Paul Tsongas} I actually felt like I had met the "Masked Jackal" and his dis ingenuousness slid down my hand after he shook it. I voted Libertarian for the first and last time after that general election, but I remember that year with political fascination because I had learned that potentially I had pretty good instincts. I try to stay well informed, and I {as I said earlier} take the MSM lead to go and learn what they aren't telling me. I think in the case of Sarah Palin, and the frustration many feel with Barack Obama, there are a lot more people out there following the lead of people like me, that are out there looking things up. For better or for worse it could possibly make a better America, if we make it that far ;8o)

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Lisa Graas said...

Thanks, Jeremy! I love it when I see people actually exercising their reason. You do it well.


Jeremy Crow said...

Thanks :) .. I have my moments!

Jeremy Crow said...

Damn I was researching something else and this post was the top of the Google search list .. That was humbling :)

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