Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Things for Palin Haters to Ponder ..

You can hate on Sarah Palin all you like, but I am seeing it more and more, as the weeks carry on. She is more Reaganesque than even the people who call her Reaganesque even realize. More to the point the hating on her is probably the most Reaganesque part of the whole deal. Fortunately those that hate her the most {reason's unknown or unintelligible} hate me now for even speaking kindly of her so I feel no need to worry about spilling secrets. My earliest recollections of Reagan are simply put, “He was a good speaker who made me feel good” and I could see that at 9 years old. Sarah Palin {as my liberal friends who are now calling her the real deal} would say is “Charming and makes me feel proud.”

This is the fundamental problem that the left has, because like Reagan they can spew hatred, and then Palin takes the microphone, and you're screwed. She is a hell of a lot smarter than she is painted, she is a hell of a lot more likeable than she is painted, and more to the point, she reminds most people of the “daughter” they wish they had. In the case of Ronald Reagan it was the fact that he would take to the microphone after a good spew of spin was thrown at him, and then people would instantly say “Hey! How dare they pick on my Grampa!” The fact that what Reagan was saying seemed so Grampa-Like resonated and turned the tables around on those that hated on him. The Palin “I wish she was my daughter” factor works the same way because most people look at the hate being piled on her and then start thinking that it is all part of the militant feminism attempt to scum up your daughter. Even if people are afraid to admit that they are thinking it, and more and more of them are finding out it is ok to say that.

Now even though I think Palin would be an excellent president, I am not coming right out and supporting that angle with her. I am simply promoting her as an American woman that should be taken seriously and not hated on simply for the different perspective that she displays. I can't laugh about it enough but women who make up roughly half the American population have NO VOICE in the America of today. Don't blame the messenger if you are hearing this for the first time, but there is a National Organization of Women {NOW} that WOMEN don't get a voice in choosing leadership, and to date I know NO woman that supports it. For that very reason alone I am assuming that a lot of women follow Sarah Palin rabidly for better or for worse. I have always wondered why groups of women haven't tried to sue NOW to change their name but that is a different blog some day I assume.

Let's get back on point here, as I got a copy of Sarah Palin's book for my daughter. My daughter is reasonably well informed but she had been inundated with her school and left leaning friends to know that Sarah Palin was “placed on the Republican ticket to make the presidential candidate look better and then lost him the election because she was such a rotten person” and I was shocked to hear that was what her teacher taught her in social studies class. In the end she asked me for a copy of Sarah Palin's book because it didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that her social studies teacher is an idiot. I remember the days when I had to sit through stupid social studies teacher after stupid social studies teacher and obliged her. I told her that I am not a social studies teacher so I will leave it up to her to make her own opinions after reading it, but did want her to read it and THEN think about what other people say. Her opinion was frightening if not completely spot on when she said “If the news people want me to be the opposite of her then they really are up to something,” which I agreed with and told her to keep reading.

This of course wouldn't have anything to do with Jane Roe would it? We almost never hear Norma McCorvey's statements since that landmark decision had come down because she merely thanks God that she DIDN'T have the abortion. She even headed a protest against Obama when he spoke at Notre Dame college. She was arrested for her actions during the Sonia Sotomayer confirmations while yelling out during Al Franken's opening statements. This sort of “shut up and do what we want” attitude towards women never seems to translate when it comes time for the women that gave their unborn children to “the cause” want to really speak about the experience. Now we are finally getting to the point where women that stand out against it from the beginning are to be destroyed before momentum can get their ideals heard. Again it is becoming an epic fail as the Reaganesque Sarah Palin opens her mouth, following that adorable smile, and speaks in that charming accent. Women in particular, as I said before, start thinking “Why can't my daughter be like her and less like what the social studies teachers tell her to be like?”

Now I had it pretty easy, as we had a life decision moment thrust upon us, and it's a pretty funny story actually. My daughter {now 17} had come to me with the form that a parent has to fill out to NOT allow condoms to be handed out to their children, back when she was 15. Now the school has forms for “Condom Denial” but the school policy is that they have them, and they aren't going to tell you about them, and if you don't submit one in person, your child will be given condoms upon request. I think it's moral stupidity to hand these things out at school but grudgingly support the decision because there are enough people in this world I wish didn't have children. Even if I had known about these things I wouldn't have gone and gotten one because of the hoops they make you jump through for your public shunning anyway, but as I said, my daughter had brought it to me, and asked that I fill it out. What kind of parent would I be if I had said no?

Her and I had a talk about it and she told me that she wasn't having sex until she was married {if you saw her Myspace page you would know she believes this whole heartedly .. telling your dad this and proclaiming it as a virtue to your friends are two different things} and I love her to death and all but am willing to admit that this is weird. She wanted hers to be in there as a “statement” and as a right wing whack job I had to appreciate her stance. I had to get my self righteousness up when I drove into school and dealt with the stares of utter hatred as I handed this thing in, and then had to actually tell the principal personally that it was my intention. Fortunately I went to school with this principal so he stared at his shoes when I did it. Being drunk and extremely violent all through school has it's advantages sometimes after all. The form was submitted all the same, and my daughter got to be proud of me for a change. It get's better though.

So during her “Health Class” the assignment was for every student to go to the School Nurse and get a condom so they could write a report on “the experience” of doing so. If your parent had filled out the form then you were to write a letter to your parent about “how that made you feel” and have them sign it. Let me tell you, this takes balls, and my school board had to suspend me from school board meetings for 90 days after that one, but I digress. My daughter refused to write that letter to me and had a different idea. She went to the nurses office to get the condom and was cheerfully handed one. Now it was time for me to be proud of my daughter, as she wrote the most scathing report on the state of the educational system in America. She stapled the condom and a copy of the form I had filled out to her report, and submitted it instead. She received an F for not following directions. After a long “chat” with the principal, in which he stared at his shoes, he read the report and actually came down pretty hard on the teacher calling the report excellent. She got a D.

You see where this is all going, so please feel free to keep trashing Sarah Palin. The negativity towards her like in the case of Ronald Reagan doesn't make anyone on that side look smart. On the contrary no matter how long and complicated they make their words it simply makes them look like hypocrites. In the end if Sarah Palin does become president thank the people that supported her, and blame the people that drove everyone to her. Gender, color, sexual orientation, or even lack of religion plays no part in who I vote for. I listen to everyone and I make my own decisions, but I always listen to those that hate by nature, and give those they hate a longer look. Keep up the good work mob!

Today I spent an hour arguing with people at the book store, as I was picking up copies of Going Rogue for all of my family. I have a new policy that I am enforcing after today. Anyone that wants to tell me what they hate about her have to read the book first. They will be quizzed. After having a half a dozen people tell me that they will never read the book, but they have every right to tell me what they think of her, even one of the liberals came over to me and said, “I'll just read the book, I didn't realize how stupid we sound until now,” so talk about your small victories! I read the book and thought it was good, but after I listened to the audiobook I started getting angry. The hate is getting old, and the book is definitely not justification for it. If none of my family reads it then I will be able to tell them to shut up. I read all their propaganda books, and have enjoyed using the stupidity against them, and they fear not having that on their side with this book. Don't get me wrong, if someone came up and led a conversation with, “I don't like her because she talks to openly about killing animals,” and I know they are a PETA member or something, then hell yeah they actually have a legitimate reason, for hating on her. Fair is fair, but if they lead the conversation with “She's stupid”, then I have them every time. ;8o)

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2 comments: on "More Things for Palin Haters to Ponder .."

Lisa Graas said...

WOW! I think that's one of the best posts ever written here. Thanks for sharing it! I'm a mom of four, divorced, now celibate. Please tell your daughter to stay strong. This garbage about how people will stop breathing if they don't have sex is just that. Garbage. Waiting until she's married is the best way.

Again, that is a great post!

Jeremy Crow said...

I had to take the bad with the good .. her mother was such a negative power of example that it rubbed her wrong .. Course my mother is a flaming liberal so I guess it happens .. Thank you very much .. I appreciate that ..


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