Thursday, December 24, 2009

Open Letter to Sarah Palin by Hillary Supporters!

To understand Sarah Palin's ability to reach out and impact people, even  beyond politics, all one has to do is read this open letter to her.  You will be smiling as you read through it.  This is what Sarah Palin is all about and this is why she scares those on the extreme left.  Sarah Palin is a great model for many, many women in America.  We understand the struggle we endure daily to juggle the many hats we all wear.  So does Sarah Palin.  Even more important, Sarah shows us that we can do it  because she does do it - every day.

Here is a link to the open letter so you can read it for yourself.  Sarah Palin isn't finished.  She is just getting started...and women all over America are starting to come together around her, despite their differences in faith, politics, or what not.  She is a natural born leader and her time to lead is almost at hand...

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