Thursday, December 24, 2009

President Obama Suspends Due Process in Executive Order Amendment

by Lisa Graas, editor --

President Obama has suspended our Constitutional right to due process with Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, Ed Morrissey (HotAir) and Andy McCarthy (NRO) report.

Mark Leon Goldberg takes issue with what he calls "un-informed fear mongering" on the part of conservative bloggers reporting on this. His only beef, really, is with reports that there are Interpol "officers" who may make arrests. He writes:
In real life, Interpol is also not an "international police force." This would imply that Interpol is composed of units of officers that can chase criminals across the world, Jason Bourne style. In fact, there is no such thing as an "Interpol officer," as such. Rather, law enforcement officers from Interpol's member states are seconded to the organization from national law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, U.S. Marshals, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, ect. [sic]

This is not just a semantic distinction. Officers seconded to Interpol do not have any sort of transnational executive arrest power. Rather, officers seconded to Interpol do things like coordinate busts of international child pornography rings. The people actually making the arrests, though, are members of the national law enforcement of the country where the crimes are committed. They are not "Interpol Officers" -- because there is no such thing as an "Interpol Officer." Further, "Interpol" can't arrest an American on American soil, a Canadian on Canadian soil or a Rwandan on a Rwandan soil. Only national law enforcement can do that.

From the INTERPOL website:
INTERPOL uses a system of colour-coded international notices to locate, arrest or provide warnings about fugitives and other criminals. In 2007 alone, co-operation between INTERPOL’s member countries led to more than 5,200 arrests across the globe.

The error in semantics regarding whom the "officers" are on the part of some conservative blogs notwithstanding, it's not in order for our President to suspend the due process rights of American citizens.

As expected, the mainstream media is not doing their job and reporting on this. NewsBusters has an overview on that. Excerpt:
[I]f the establishment media were interested in performing their public watchdog function, someone in the press somewhere would have reported on the issuance of this EO. Instead, it was first noted by blogs and real watchdog groups.

The average American will likely be troubled by President Obama's action here, but do nothing about it until there is a highly publicized incident of a person's due process rights being stripped away as a result of the order. In other words, cases will be tried in the "court" of American media and summarily dismissed or made issue of depending on producers and editors. The facts of any such case themselves could muddy the core issue of the President's initial action. Considering the establishment media's love for the President and unwillingness to allow him to be embarrassed, we aren't likely to see coverage of injustices that may come about as a result of President Obama's action here.

Stories like this underscore the necessity of alternative media...............not to mention the necessity of making sure President Obama is not re-elected. Further, it stresses the importance of electing Congressional representatives in 2010 who are interested in preserving and defending the Constitution and who will, therefore, speak out boldly against things like this so that the press may be pressured into covering it.

FYI: Here in Kentucky, I'm personally supporting Bill Johnson for Senate.

This administration continues to appall reasonable, Constitution-loving people everywhere.
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