Sunday, December 13, 2009

President Obama's Shocking Poll Numbers

by Lisa Graas, editor --

Pundit and Pundette appropriately entitled a post on this: GASP

I hope we have another black president in my lifetime, but I hope that when we do, he is a conservative. These numbers are mind-boggling. They begin on election day with a high number of people saying they "strongly approve" of the job the President is doing. That number is indicated by the green line. The red line indicates those who "strongly disapprove". The difference between them is called the "index" which now stands at a shocking (-19) points.

Below is the overall approval rating graph.
It's a betrayal of the nation to govern so far to the left of the electorate. I believe that the President would rather govern to the far left than to govern in accordance with the will of the people even if it means he will lose his re-election bid.

There is one bright spot for conservatives and particularly Sarah Palin fans. The further left President Obama governs, the more conservative the electorate will want their next president to be in order to set things right again. At the same time, America will be wanting to go with a candidate who is a champion of open government and ethics -- someone who really does put the people first, even ahead of political ambitions and who will fight like the dickens to cut wasteful spending. Having star power helps, too.

It's hard to believe that we're going to have three more years of far left policies coming from the White House.......but for now we can work hard to make sure that at least the Congress will be changed in the coming year and that it will be one that will put the brakes on socialism. It's my understanding that Governor Palin will begin to stump for candidates come January. The nation will be watching closely for her endorsements. With some turmoil between the Tea Party movement and the establishment GOP, this could be a tough row to hoe, but I'm confident that we all still have time to get our ducks in a row.

I've noticed a surge of new Palin supporters in the wake of the release of her book, the book tour itself, her OpEd in WaPo regarding ClimateGate and her appearance on The Tonight Show. All of these things are helping her to get her message out about who she really is, and people are being more open-minded, for the most part, I've found.

So, where should all these Palin supporters go? There are plenty of sites online to meet other Palin supporters (including the Palin Twibe on Twitter) but first and foremost, we should be encouraging new people to make a donation to SarahPAC, become supporters of Sarah Palin on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and prepare for the launch of her political organization which may be coming soon. I predict that it will come in January when she begins to stump for candidates, but it's just a prediction.

Stay tuned and do be prepared for even more outrageous policy from this White House. Hope and energy are high, though, among Palin supporters. We will have nowhere to go but 'up' at this point.

Images and polling data from Rasmussen Reports

UPDATE: President Obama has given himself a B+ for his performance (NYDaily News) - article includes a poll where you can give him your own grade.

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