Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Priceless Plane Pomposity

- By Josh Painter

Obamas' Date Night via Air Force One - $56,518.00 per hour (paid for by taxpayers)*

Palin Book Tour leg via Gulfstream jet - $ 4,000.00 per hour (paid for by publisher)

Observing media deny that it is biased - PRICELESS (Media's demise paid for by media)

* Does not include price of second C-17, three C-21A Lear jets, five Helicopters, the Presidential Motorcade, 44 Marines and more than 20 Secret Service personnel on each C-17. Price of NYPD and NY Port Authority overtime pay also not included.

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1 comments: on "Priceless Plane Pomposity"

Lisa Graas said...

But Josh, he cut corners on security at the State Dinner? That's gotta count for something!! Right? ;-)


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