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Grimm Gains National Spotlight

NY-13 Congressional candidate Michael Grimm summarized how his campaign is making national news in an email sent to his supporters today. Grimm cited articles published in the New York Post, the NY Daily News, Huffington Post, and the Daily Caller, and mentions on CNN and CBS. "The New York Post called the NY-13 race a bellwether for a possible GOP sweep," Grimm wrote.

New York’s 13th Congressional District covers Staten Island and part of Brooklyn. Governor Palin endorsed Grimm on July 28, 2010, along with John Gomez for NY-2 who ran unopposed and won. She was the first to be acknowledged and recognized during his victory speech. US for Palin Publisher, Ron Devito is campaigning for Grimm. For the primary, Devito walked door-to-door in the 60th and 79th Election Districts, installed lawn signs in the 10314 zip code, called voters on primary day and closed the PS 36 poll. When Devito arrived to the victory celebration, Allegretti had already called Grimm to concede. Watch Grimm's victory speech here. Devito is continuing his work for Grimm, having completed door-to-door walking blitzes in the 34th, 42nd, 57th, 85th, and 22nd Election Districts.

Any Grimm volunteers reading this, please send photos, video and campaign experiences to Organize4Palin.

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Dear Supporter,

Welcome to this week's email blast where you can keep track of Michael Grimm's Congressional Campaign in NY-13. Find out about exciting developments, get updates, and follow the campaign all at once!   


Grimm Gains National Spotlight


Michael Grimm added another exemplary leader to his string of endorsements Tuesday when New Jersey Governor and GOP sensation Chris Christie lent his support to the candidate. “Washington is in dire need of a true representative of the people who will stand up and fight for limited government, cut taxes, rein in spending, and most importantly create jobs and opportunities for the people of his district and our country. Michael Grimm is committed to these principles and therefore, I am committed to helping him win in November," said Governor Christie. Read the Huffington Post article or the New York Daily News headlining article.


The New York Post called the NY-13 race a bellwether for a possible GOP sweep. “It’s a race so off-the-radar it has yet to be independently polled, but its outcome could determine the way the House goes in the midterms. And this competition, in New York’s 13th congressional district, is a microcosm of what’s happening nationwide: The incumbent, a popular, charming policy wonk, is on the verge of being ousted by a newcomer, a political neophyte running on the broad charge that government has become too big, too unwieldy and too meddlesome.” Read more here.

The Daily Caller, a national 24-hour news site, published a full length interview with Michael Grimm discussing his candidacy and platform. Read the full interview.


Despite a Democrat stronghold on New York politics, as many as 10 out of the approximately 100 seats projected to change hands to the GOP this election cycle come from New York. Michael Grimm’s candidacy has been confirmed by numerous sources, including CNN and CBS, to be a central indicator for the powerful movement sweeping the nation. Read the article here.


The New York Post, which formally endorsed Michael Grimm earlier this month, features NY-13 as one of the many possible GOP pickups in New York. Read the article here.


Michael Grimm calls for the defunding of NPR stating, “NPR should be ashamed of itself for firing Juan Williams for exercising free speech. As a taxpayer-funded entity, NPR should be defunded immediately for its violation of the Constitution and its rejection of viewpoints that don’t fall in line with its politically correct, hyper-liberal orthodoxy.” Read more here.


Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D - 48th Assembly District) and the Highway Democratic Club of Brooklyn crossed party lines to endorse Michael Grimm. "He’s an impressive guy in terms of the issues and is very knowledgeable about terrorism,” Assemblyman Hikind said of Grimm. Read more here.

Michael Grimm appeared on the Steve Malzberg Show, 710 AM, WOR. The show aired live from Bay Ridge Toyota (65th Street and 6th Avenue) in Brooklyn with many Grimm supporters in attendance. Listen to it here.


Michael Grimm electrified the crowd at the South Shore Candidates Forum in St. Mark's Methodist Church. Rep. Michael McMahon, a confirmed participant, disappointed the audience by missing the event without providing any notice. Read about it here.


Michael Grimm blasted McMahon for taking a fickle stance on Obamacare, supporting a job killing stimulus and running a deceitful negative campaign in front of the Staten Island Advance Editorial Board. Read more here.

Voters have been driven by frustration and concern to become more active in politics than they ever envisioned. Volunteers of all ages and walks of life pour into Grimm campaign headquarters to do their part. Read more here.


Michael Grimm’s campaign released a new television ad, “Meet Tax Hike Mike McMahon." Watch it here.


The Staten Island Advance Debate is set for Tuesday, October 26th at 7:30pm at Wagner College. It would be great to have our supporters at the Debate. Despite the limited amount of tickets available, we are calling on all of our volunteers to show their support and hold signs outside of Wagner College during the debate. We look forward to seeing you on the 26th! Click here for more information.

Please join us at The “Take Back America” Rally on Saturday, October 30th at 10:00 AM at The Renaissance, 2131 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, New York. We are calling on all Michael Grimm supporters and volunteers to come out to this rally and show Michael how much we care about him and how excited we are to vote for him on November 2nd – Election Day. It would mean the world to Michael if everyone could attend. This will be a very special event and Team Grimm hopes all of our Grimm Volunteers and Supporters can come and attend. Click here for more information.

Look out for new and exciting developments this week as we approach Election Day, just one week away.

We thank you so much for your support.

Team Grimm

Michael Grimm is a Marine Combat Veteran of the Persian Gulf, former FBI undercover agent and a small businessman running for Congress in New York's 13th District.

For more information about his campaign or to donate, please go to

You can also follow @Grimm4Congress on  and


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