Friday, October 22, 2010

Grimm Issues Call to Action for All His Supporters

NY-13 Congressional candidate Michael Grimm issued a call for supporters to prep mail, work phone banks, prepare for special events, and get out the vote. Grimm will be debating the incumbent, Michael McMahon at Wagner College on Tuesday, October 26, and the campaign will be hosting a rally on October 30, 2010 at 1000 (10 AM) EDT at the Renaissance at 2131 Hylan Blvd.

New York’s 13th Congressional District covers Staten Island and part of Brooklyn. Governor Palin endorsed Grimm on July 28, 2010, along with John Gomez for NY-2 who ran unopposed and won. She was the first to be acknowledged and recognized during his victory speech. US for Palin Publisher, Ron Devito is campaigning for Grimm. For the primary, Devito walked door-to-door in the 60th and 79th Election Districts, installed lawn signs in the 10314 zip code, called voters on primary day and closed the PS 36 poll. When Devito arrived to the victory celebration, Allegretti had already called Grimm to concede. Watch Grimm's victory speech here. Devito is continuing his work for Grimm, having completed door-to-door walking blitzes in the 34th, 42nd, and 57th Election Districts. He will begin another door-to-door blitz in the 85th district.

Any Grimm volunteers reading this, please send photos, video and campaign experiences to Organize4Palin.

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Calling All Grimm Supporters

Dear Fellow Team Grimm Patriots,

We are less than 2 weeks away from the most important election of our lifetime. This battle we have been fighting for the future of our country has swept the nation including Staten Island and Brooklyn. Michael is gaining momentum as each day passes due mostly to your help and support. Now, we must do all we can over the next 13 days to ensure that Michael Grimm will be our next representative in Congress.

Our Campaign Chairman, the honorable Guy Molinari had a campaign slogan in 1980: "America is watching." Thirty years later, America is watching! America is watching our district (NY-13) hoping that Team Grimm Patriots rise to the challenge and do our part to reclaim American values for future generations. With less than two weeks left there are many volunteer positions to fill, we trust that our dedicated supporters will answer the call as they have throughout the campaign. We need you now more than ever to get actively involved in helping Team Grimm with the following:

Mail Preparation

Campaign Phone Calls

Special Events Prep

Election Day GOTV

The best way to help out and the most exciting is going door to door in a neighborhood and introducing the thousands of voters on Staten Island and Brooklyn to Michael Grimm. We have had much success with this to date, but we can always be better. We still have some areas that need coverage between now and election day. As we saw in the primary election, door to door voter contact pays huge dividends.

We have organized a game with prizes for the top three winners of the "Grimm GOTV Challenge." Team Grimm divided Staten Island and Brooklyn into different zones and each zone has a zone leader. Under each zone leader, there are Election District Captains. Each captain receives a booklet with all of the registered voters in a particular district. For every door our captains knock on they earn one point for their zone. There are additional point rewards for speaking to a voter and recording a supporter. On Thursday of each week, the captains will bring in their lists to be scanned into the system and the points will be apportioned in the correct manner. The top three zones will receive prizes for their efforts but with every zone's hard work the grand prize will be Michael Grimm's victory. We have over one hundred volunteers currently participating in the game but it is not too late to join. Please email to be assigned to a zone team.

Additionally, to thank our dedicated supporters and volunteers we will be hosting a Rally on Saturday, October 30th at 10:00 AM at The Renaissance, 2131 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, New York. The invite is up on the website and Facebook.

We have limited tickets to the Staten Island Advance Debate on October 26th however, we are calling on our volunteers to go to the debate to show their support and hold signs outside of Wagner College during the debate.

Michael believes that our volunteers are the heart and soul of this campaign and we are counting on you all to get us past the finish line and onto victory.

Thank you for your enduring support.

Team Grimm

Michael Grimm is a Marine Combat Veteran of the Persian Gulf, former FBI undercover agent and a small businessman running for Congress in New York's 13th District.

For more information about his campaign or to donate, please go to

You can also follow @Grimm4Congress on and

Grimm for Congress, 2381 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10306 (718) 887-3732
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Copyright © 2010 Michael Grimm. All rights reserved.

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