Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grimm Scores Victory in NY1 Debate

NY-13 Congressional candidate Michael Grimm easily won a debate hosted by Time Warner Cable's NY1 channel yesterday. "Michael Grimm scored a victory at the NY1 Debate! Grimm set forth his platform of lower taxes and job creation, set the record straight and blasted McMahon for all of his lies. Congressman Michael McMahon spent the debate trying to justify his lies and his tax and spend voting record and dodging the issues at all costs," Grimm said in an email sent a few hours ago summing up the debate.

New York’s 13th Congressional District covers Staten Island and part of Brooklyn. Governor Palin endorsed Grimm on July 28, 2010, along with John Gomez for NY-2 who ran unopposed and won. She was the first to be acknowledged and recognized during his victory speech. US for Palin Publisher, Ron Devito is campaigning for Grimm. For the primary, Devito walked door-to-door in the 60th and 79th Election Districts, installed lawn signs in the 10314 zip code, called voters on primary day and closed the PS 36 poll. When Devito arrived to the victory celebration, Allegretti had already called Grimm to concede. Watch Grimm's victory speech here. Devito is continuing his work for Grimm, having completed door-to-door walking blitzes in the 34th, 42nd, 57th, 85th, and 22nd Election Districts.

Any Grimm volunteers reading this, please send photos, video and campaign experiences to Organize4Palin.

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Michael Grimm Scores Victory at NY1 Debate

Dear Grimm Patriots and Friends:

Wow! It was a stunning performance in last night’s debate by “The People’s Candidate” Michael Grimm. Grimm once again showed all of us in the NY1 Debate against incumbent liberal Democrat “Tax Hike Mike” McMahon exactly why he is the best-suited candidate to represent the 13th Congressional District of New York.

Michael Grimm scored a victory at the NY1 Debate!  Grimm set forth his platform of lower taxes and job creation, set the record straight and blasted McMahon for all of his lies. Congressman Michael McMahon spent the debate trying to justify his lies and his tax and spend voting record and dodging the issues at all costs.

McMahon tried to argue that he is an independent voice however, he could not explain why he voted with Nancy Pelosi 93% of the time and why he has supported the Democrat’s tax-and-spend liberal agenda of stimulus and bailout packages. When asked by the moderator if he thought Nancy Pelosi had been effective overall as Speaker of the House, career politician McMahon dodged the question and responded that Pelosi supported the 9/11 Bill.   Despite repeated follow-up questions, McMahon still would not answer the question.

During the Debate, McMahon admitted that he will not vote to repeal ObamaCare – right after he described how the bill hurts Staten Island’s hospitals and seniors.  McMahon’s refusal to repeal or defund Obamacare clearly demonstrates that McMahon truly supports Obamacare and his weak no vote was only a political trick to deceive the voters of Staten Island and Brooklyn.  

Additionally, Grimm admonished McMahon for his “campaign of lies.” “When you look at my opponent’s television ads, it is all lies against me because McMahon cannot run on his record of tax hikes and failed policies,” said Michael Grimm.  “McMahon voted to raise our property taxes by 18.5% -- the largest property tax increase in New York history.  McMahon voted for more tolls for the Staten Island residents by supporting congestion pricing. McMahon voted for Cap and Trade, which the Wall Street Journal called the largest tax in American history.  And McMahon voted for the stimulus and bailout packages, which failed to create jobs.

Michael Grimm took Congressman McMahon to task about increasing the deficit. McMahon was unable to explain why and instead, chose to once again lie about his position and falsely attack Grimm.  “That is untrue, and to say that we doubled the size of the deficit is ludicrous,” stated McMahon. “When we came in we had a $1.5 trillion deficit so there you got your misstatement and there is your lack of integrity.”   Misstatement? McMahon obviously has trouble reading numbers because unlike McMahon numbers tell the truth.  The Pelosi-McMahon Congress actually tripled the deficit from $455 Billion in FY 2008 when they entered Congress to $1.4 Trillion in FY 2009.  Lack of Integrity?  It is Michael McMahon and his campaign of deceit and lies that lacks integrity.

Tonight is the last debate and it is will take place at 7:30 p.m. at Wagner College. If you have tickets to the event, you are one of the lucky few who get to cheer Michael on in-person however, if you do not have tickets, please join us outside the auditorium at 7:00pm to: 

  1. “Welcome Michael Grimm”  and show everyone that Michael Grimm is Staten Island and Brooklyn’s choice to represent the 13th Congressional District and that Rudy Giuliani was right -- Michael Grimm is “The People’s Candidate.”     
  2. The People of the 13th Congressional District are fed up with “Tax Hike Mike” McMahon’s liberal voting record.
The volunteers are the heart and soul of the Grimm Campaign and Michael asks all of you to come out to the debate tonight to show your support!

We thank you so much for your support.

Team Grimm

Michael Grimm is a Marine Combat Veteran of the Persian Gulf, former FBI undercover agent and a small businessman running for Congress in New York's 13th District.

For more information about his campaign or to donate, please go to www.GrimmforCongress.com.

You can also follow @Grimm4Congress on  and


Grimm for Congress, 2381 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10306 (718) 887-3732
Paid for by Michael Grimm for Congress.

Copyright © 2010 Michael Grimm. All rights reserved.

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