Sunday, October 31, 2010

Murkowski & CBS Affiliate Conspire to Influence AK Senate Election

RINO Lisa Murkowski and her media allies continue their tricknology campaign against Joe Miller. Gov. Palin posted on Facebook and Tweeted about Dan Fagan being fired from the radio station where he was a talk show host for his support of Joe Miller. The station does not have the budget to fight Murkowski's high-priced, top-flight lawyers, so Fagan got the axe. Gov. Palin graciously came to the defense of a man who for years has been a bitter enemy insulting her and her family on numerous occasions.

In the early morning hours, Big Government and Stacy Drake reported that a CBS Affiliate conspired with Murkowski to release multiple stories smearing Joe Miller in the latest attempt to influence the election in Murkowski's favor. Gov. Palin re-Tweeted the reports as published by Drake on Conservatives4Palin and Big Government.

The following mailing from Tea Party Express also describes what happened and seeks donations to run TV and radio ads against Murkowski.

Volunteers, please submit your stories here.

Yesterday we told you how disgraced RINO Lisa Murkowski is working her "friends" network in the political establishment to try to steal the General Election campaign away from conservative Republican Joe Miller.

Today the news accounts are much worse. First, Murkowski's lawyers forced radio talk show host Dan Fagan off the airwaves because he was advocating for Joe Miller. Murkowski's legal team, backed by millions of dollars in special interest and labor union money, threatened the radio station they would be sued out of existence if they didn't boot Fagan until after the primary - so as to silence his pro-Miller segments on his radio show.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Reporters at the Anchorage CBS TV affiliate were caught red-handed conspiring about how to ambush Joe Miller and come up with an unflattering story, concoting smears against Miller and then saying someone at the Joe Miller rally would surely have to fit the mold.They even suggested the smear of alleging the Miller supporters were child molesters.

Andrew Breitbart has the report up - with the audio of the reporters caught on tape, here:

You will recall during the primary we warned everyone that the political establishment in Alaska was actually quite like the mob. The politics are corrupt, dirty, and outsiders like Joe Miller who
challenge the system, just as Sarah Palin did, are smeared, destroyed, and attacked.

That's what made our victory for Joe Miller in the primary so shocking and so historic.

Now we must ensure we can defeat the political establishment again. Please, we need your help in these final 3 days of the campaign - we MUST fight back.

We urgently need your financial assistance as we place radio and TV ads in support of Joe Miller, and in opposition RINO Lisa Murkowski.

Please, help us fight back. If you can give $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or more (up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000 per individual) to our campaign supporting Joe Miller, we can overcome the dirty tricks of Lisa Murkowski's campaign. Contribute online - HERE.

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