Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paladino in No Position to Discuss Palin's Leadership

Huffington Post today gleefully reported that NY Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino - whose campaign since winning the primary has consisted entirely of temper tantrums, crass, boorish, and outrageous behavior - said in a NY Times interview that Gov. Palin is a "TV personality" "not ready" to serve as president and not a "real leader." What chutzpah, especially coming from a man whose mouth has spewed naught but excrement throughout this campaign.

Gov. Palin graciously lauded Rick Lazio in a Tweet for pulling out of the New York gubernatorial race after losing the primary so that Paladino would have a clean shot of defeating the Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Paladino chose anger as his campaign strategy and knifing Gov. Palin in the back by these statements was his gratitude.

Paladino snatched defeat from the jaws of victory almost immediately after winning his primary. HuffPo and the lamestream media refer to Paladino as a "Tea Party favorite." Far from being a Tea Party favorite, Paladino is an utter disgrace and embarrassment to the movement and to all Reagan Conservatives. Across this nation, Tea Party favorites - with and without Gov. Palin's endorsement - have been running professional, effective campaigns and getting out the Reagan Conservative message. The left is running scared, except of course in the New York State Gubernatorial race.

Paladino's Campaign Strategy: Anger, Crassness, Outrageously Stupid Behavior

A little review of Paladino's campaign activities is in order:

  • He got into an angry confrontation with an New York Post reporter. Not surprisingly, the normally conservative paper (by New York standards) gave Cuomo its endorsement.
  • He smeared Cuomo as an adulterer, even though he himself was one. This went on for two weeks and there was no discussion of issues at this time.
  • He made anti-gay slurs, also reported here. Apparently, he doesn't recognize that many gays and lesbians are conservative.
  • He accused NY State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of being a crook and a criminal who should be sent to Attica (a notorious New York State prison).
  • Earlier this year, NY Daily News: Paladino dropped the "F Bomb" on US Attorney General Holder. Embedding the video will violate the TOS of most family-oriented sites. Click the NY Daily News link. The video is embedded there. Go to 2:14 in the video.
  • Paladino has forwarded pornographic and racist emails. Far worse than the video above, posting even the link will violate the TOS of most family-oriented sites. Do a Google search on "Paladino emails." Click the first link, but be forewarned, it is not for the squeamish or easily offended. This is the man who says Gov. Palin is "not ready to serve" - and who wants to be New York State's Governor. Fuggedaboutit!
  • Cuomo is leading Paladino by 37 points in a recent poll.
Paladino Unfit to Lead and Serve

Paladino - via his train wrecked campaign - has all but assured that we will have another Cuomo as our governor, with the same liberal Democrat policies as Mario Cuomo. Paladino with his outrageous behavior, has made an absolute mockery of the gubernatorial race. He has forced Reagan Conservatives to either skip the gubernatorial section of the ballot entirely (tantamount to voting for Cuomo), outright vote for Cuomo, or squander their votes on him.

For our gubernatorial race, we get to choose between a liberal Democrat and a loose cannon boor who generally exercises unsound judgment.

Paladino: Not Ready to Serve, Not Executive Material

Given Paladino's track record in this gubernatorial race, he is in absolutely no position to be speaking about Gov. Palin's ability to lead and serve as President in 2012, or any other GOP 2012 hopeful for that matter. If he wants to find someone who is grossly unfit to serve and who exercises profoundly bad judgment, Paladino need do nothing more than walk into his bathroom and stand in front of the mirror.

On the night of November 2, when we end up electing a liberal Democrat as our governor - thanks to Paladino - he may finally get the message that anger, crassness, and stupidity are not campaign strategies.
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