Wednesday, November 17, 2010

C4P Meet-Up: My Heroes are Barbarians and Bears

Saturday Night at Gino's East
After some reflection over the last couple of days, and numerous loads of laundry (I'm convinced every towel and stitch of clothing was used in my short absence), I have come to the conclusion that my experience at the Conservatives4Palin Meet-up in Chicago this past weekend was Providential. Yeah, I'm ripping off Gov. Palin. She used the word first in her call to all of us at the meet, and it truly is the perfect adjective.

Many things were confirmed for me, with the most important being that supporters of Gov. Sarah Palin are exactly who I thought they were, people from different backgrounds and journeys that are unafraid, inventive, and hopeful for America's future. I've thought much about those I spoke with and listened to, and one thing is certain. Among the tall buildings, honking cabbies, and flashy entertainment venues of Chicago, nowhere there did America's exceptionalism shine on full display more so than in the eyes and voices of Sarah Palin supporters.

Macy's on State Street ready for Christmas
During the meet and since, I've been approached with offers of help with Organize4Palin and amazing ideas. This is exactly what it's going to take to win a presidential primary because personally, I don't think we need to ask Gov. Palin to run as much as we need to show her we don't expect her to do all the work and will back her all the way. Put up or shut up, as the saying goes. We all understand what Mama Grizzly Palin meant when in the first episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska she began talking about getting out there and doing it yourself, since no one is going to do it for you. And here's the thing. She believes in you.

In interviews of late, Gov. Palin is often asked if she will run for president in 2012. Her response usually includes an assertion that if she can bring something to the table that others cannot, then (paraphrased) chances are good she will. So, what does she bring to the table, other than the proverbial cojones we've heard about, that others do not?

Once again, she believes in you.

Chicago River
She believes you can bring American ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and hard work to the great table we all share called the United States of America, while retaining your individuality at the same time. No other political figure alive thinks that. Notice Gov. Palin's emphasis on smaller government, her understanding of controlled spending, and her desire for America to be energy self-sufficient. She trusts that you as an individual can make all that happen. You. Not D.C. Not some mysterious benefactor. You, using your own smarts and work ethic to renew, revive, and restore America.

I think for there to be a leader of our great country that actually believes in us is truly amazing. She doesn't want to fix us. She trusts we can fix ourselves if given the opportunity. Let's do our best to give Governor Palin the opportunity to step into the Oval Office. We can do it together, using our own innovations and abilities. I heard the brainstorming and out loud wondering that permeated the Chicago meet. It's apparent that spark of American exceptionalism lives in each of you extraordinary barbarians.

Chicago Theatre on North State Street redesigned and running, with a vision of assisting Governor Palin supporters in readying for a 2012 campaign is in the works. You may not see it just yet, but the wheels are turning. I appreciate what so many of you are doing to get the word out about the site. Time is short, and we need to be busy yesterday. I'm on it.

Thank you again to the C4P Chicago Meet-up Committee for inviting me and for working so hard to make the whole event run smoothly. It was so reflective of true Gov. Sarah Palin supporters. Grrrr!

And thanks are due as well to the hard working people of Chicago that made my visit pleasant. I found everyone there helpful, even the nice fellow in the train station that wanted to assist me in signing his petition for Rahm Emmanuel. Bless his heart.
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hrh said...

Great writeup! Thanks for coming to the meetup and giving your humorous, motivational, and inspirational talk. Great to meet you!

manajordan said...

Thanks so much for being there and presenting Karen. This is a great write up. I'm all in for whatever I can do with Organize4Palin. God Bless.

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