Sunday, November 7, 2010

Federal Contractor Busted Trying to Solicit Murkowski Votes

In this email Joe Miller details illegal electioneering and other chicanery being pulled by the incumbent, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and her supporters. Among other things: a federal contractor "strongly encouraged" his employees at an airbase to vote for Murkowski, telling them funding for their jobs would be endangered if they did not. Meanwhile, Alaska's Division of Elections began validating absentee ballots without the required 24-hour notification to the campaigns (at least Miller's campaign). Murkowski is holding a fund-raiser tomorrow with lobbyists, special interest group representatives and "K Street" types. The RINO boasts of Vice President Biden as being her friend.

Joe Miller is one of Governor Palin's 73 endorsed candidates, but she has expended significant effort beyond endorsement to help the Miller campaign, including a legal maximum donation from SarahPAC, and stumping for him at numerous venues. Governor Palin's work for the Miller campaign propelled him to an upset win in the August 24 primary.

Subsequently, Murkowski launched a write-in campaign; however, some 160 angry Alaskans had themselves listed as write-in candidates following a court ruling that permitted lists of write-in candidate names to be present at polling sites. "Write-in" which encompasses all 160 write-in candidates has 41% of the vote. Miller has 34%, and Democrat Scott McAdams lost obtaining only 24% of the vote. To win, Murkowski must have more than 34% of the vote. The combination of her being in a field of 160 write-in candidates and the tendency for between 5% and 6% of write-in ballots to be invalid are not favorable to a Murkowski win.

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Alaska Vote Count header

Yesterday, Fox News’ Huckabee aired a video of a federal contractor
at an
Donate airbase strongly encouraging his employees to vote for Lisa Murkowski in order to protect funding for their

Click here to watch the video and see my interview with Governor Mike Huckabee.

In the video, a government contractor is caught on tape reminding other employees to write-in Murkowski’s name and providing cards for
the employees to take with them to the polls. Under federal law, this type of activity, known as electioneering, is illegal.

Laws in Alaska exist to define the election process at all levels. Any deviation from that process is unsettling. Our democratic voting process has at its foundation the Constitution and the statutes of this state.

In situations like this election, you learn who your real friends are.

This week, we learned that Vice President Joe Biden is among Lisa Murkowski’s good friends.

In an interview with the Associated Press, she bragged that Biden had called and congratulated her.

Now that the election is over, Lisa’s true stripes are coming out, and they are those of a Washington insider who is focused on preserving her power and protecting special interests on both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill. She’s even holding a Washington-based fundraiser tomorrow with K Street types!

As the process of counting ballots progresses, we’re discovering that Lisa has many more friends in high places both in Washington and Alaska.

In fact, we’re growing more and more concerned that existing Alaskan laws are not being upheld in this election.

On Friday, we learned that the Division of Elections began validating absentee ballots without notifying us. This directly conflicts with their Election Observers’ Handbook that states the Division of Elections must “notify” the campaign “24 hours in advance of the time of ballot review….”

In fact, the Division of Elections never contacted us: an Alaskan Republican Party official informed us Friday morning, after the validation process had already begun.

Our goal is to uphold the integrity of the voting process. Every vote that is cast
correctly should be counted.
All Alaskans deserve a free, open, and fair election. Unfortunately, the State Division of Elections has decided to call that process into question with the constant maneuvering of dates and procedures.

This decision concerns us because we don’t know how many ballots were reviewed without fair scrutiny. The absentee validation is occurring across the
state in various locations. It is unclear why we were not notified about the decision to begin validation on Friday.

We remain committed to ensuring that a fair ballot count takes place, which of course
must include following the election laws, as written.

Joe Miller

Candidate, U.S. Senate
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