Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gov. Palin Still Owes $175K for Frivolous Ethics Complaint Bills

Several days ago, I received a thank you/fund-raising letter from the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund. The good news is, thanks to supporters like you,
"...helped defend Governor Palin and her family from baseless claims that forced Sarah's original legal defense fund to close while an army of lawyers 'debated.' Your contribution was essential, however, in successfully resolving this and was much appreciated."
The bad news is that Gov. Palin still has $175K in legal bills remaining from this saga.
"Most Americans don't know that more than 25 frivolous complaints were filed against her in the state of Alaska after her nomination as the Vice Presidential candidate in 2008 in an effort to discredit her and ruin her financially.

In fact, the Alaska Democratic Party paid to create a website with one stated goal: 'Keep Sarah Palin Out of Public Office.'

That's, right, their campaign used our own legal system to sponsor ridiculous complaints against Governor Palin that they admit were intended to harass."
These baseless complaints cost Alaskans over $1 million in tax payer's money, and Gov. Palin's original legal bills were well over half a million dollars.

The aforementioned Alaska Democratic Party website continues to ply its nefarious trade today.

Some will not want to donate because Gov. Palin's financial circumstances have improved. The bottom line is, even if she were the female version of Carlos Slim - the World's Richest Man - she should not have to be responsible for these bills, incurred in her capacity as a public servant and brought about by abusers of the system.

In July 2010, US for Palin's Publisher did a 40-hour simulated flight from Wasilla to Reagan National in a Cessna 172 on Microsoft's Flight Simulator X to raise money for the the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund. Click the SP Legal Defense Fund link to see this and other efforts by our staff. Additionally, several other key Sarah Palin blog sites participated with Karen Allen's PalinTwibe and Adrienne Ross' Motivation Truth raising the top two dollar amounts.

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