Friday, November 5, 2010

Joe Miller: Down to the Wire

While much of the media has written off Alaska's US Senatorial election as an "upset win" for incumbent Lisa Murkowski, no winner has been declared and the write-in ballots have yet to be counted. The dynamics of the "write-in" vote lead have been been sufficiently delineated in "Cliffhanger".

The ballots encompassing 160 write-in candidates are to be counted starting on Wednesday, November 10. As noted in the mailing below, write-in votes for Joe Miller will count as votes for him - meaning votes for him on the Republican line or written in will count toward his total. That, along with the help he is receiving from donors like you and various PACs is the good news.

The bad news is, Murkowski is holding a fund-raiser on Monday which is to be boosted by lobbyists and special-interest group. Her campaign has hired a lawyer who worked on the Bush recount in 2000, indicating that she is girding for a possible legal battle over the election.

Volunteers, please submit your stories here.

Please donate to Joe Miller.

Have you followed the news from Alaska? Are you as puzzled as me why the media believes that Lisa Murkowski was re-elected?

No winner has been declared in this race.

In fact, we’re still waiting for ballots to be counted.

Help us ensure that this vote count is conducted ethically and
legally. Please click here to make a gift of $100, $75, $50, or $25.

Absentee ballot counting was moved up to today, and the write-in ballot count is scheduled to start next week.

We remain optimistic that we will prevail in this election.

I’m sure you keep hearing updates and conflicting reports as events progress. Here is what we know:
  • Write-in ballots for me will count. The announcement reverses
    a previous decision made by Lieutenant Governor Craig Campbell.
  • Thousands of dollars are pouring in to help us ensure a fair count of ballots. Please continue to help support us. Click here to make a donation.
  • The National Republican Senatorial Committee, Governor Mike Huckabee’s Huck PAC, and Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund are working with us to raise money for potential legal challenges and the expenses relating to hand counts of ballots.
  • Rumors are escalating that rampant voter fraud occurred in the state to benefit my opponents. We are tracking these and investigating the claims.
  • Lisa Murkowski has called on her circle of DC insiders for support. Her campaign hired a famous Washington-based lawyer who worked on the Bush recount in 2000.
  • Murkowki’s Beltway friends are holding a fundraising luncheon on Monday in Washington. A number of newspapers in DC reported that an email invitation was sent to lobbyists and special interests urging them to donate.
While we’re making strides in Alaska to ensure fairness, we still need your help. The media and Washington insiders have declared Murkowski the winner in this race.

We know that true conservatives – like you and me – are waiting to see the time-honored traditions of a democratic election followed. As we’ve said before, “write-in” is not a winner, and the ballots must be completely counted before this race can be decided.

Without your help to cover the expense of legal counsel, poll watchers and volunteers, politics as usual will reign supreme in Alaska. Help us ensure a fair vote count. Click here to make a donation of
$100, $75, $50 or $25 today.

We need your support today to make sure votes are fairly counted, and Alaskans are given a fair election.

Joe Miller
Candidate, U.S. Senate

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