Monday, November 8, 2010

Joe Miller: A New Way to Help

Joe Miller today announced a new legal entity to raise funds for ballot counting and any possible legal battles. The new fund structure permits individual donations up to $2,400 above what may have already been given to his US Senate campaign.

Joe Miller is one of Governor Palin's 73 endorsed candidates, but she has expended significant effort beyond endorsement to help the Miller campaign, including a legal maximum donation from SarahPAC, and stumping for him at numerous venues. Governor Palin's work for the Miller campaign propelled him to an upset win in the August 24 primary.

Subsequently, Sen. Murkowski launched a write-in campaign; however, some 160 angry Alaskans listed themselves as write-in candidates following a court ruling that permitted lists of write-in candidate names to be present at polling sites. "Write-in" which encompasses all 160 write-in candidates has 41% of the vote. Miller has 34%, and Democrat Scott McAdams lost obtaining only 24% of the vote. To win, Murkowski must have more than 34% of the vote. The combination of her being in a field of 160 write-in candidates and the tendency for between 5% and 6% of write-in ballots to be invalid are not favorable to a Murkowski win.

Murkowski and her high-powered connections have engaged in what could kindly be called "electoral irregularities," including illegal electioneering by a federal contractor, and validating absentee ballots without required notification.

Please donate to the Joe Miller US Senate Recount Fund

Alaska Vote Count header

Given the evidence of electioneering that surfaced over the weekend, and the media’s cheerleading of my opponent, we know that we face an uphill battle to ensure a fair election in Alaska.

That’s why friends and supporters of our campaign helped set up a new legal entity to raise much-needed support for expensive ballot counts and any legal battles.

Click here to donate $100, $75, $50 or $25 today to the new fund.

This new entity means that all individuals can donate $2,400 per person in addition to what they may have given to Joe Miller for U.S. Senate.

The new fund supports the cost and lodging of volunteers who are observing the ballot count and additional costs related to a lengthy hand count of ballots.

The state Division of Elections decided to hold the ballot count in Juneau, which is only accessible by air or boat. Because if the challenges of getting a team in place in Juneau, we need your support.

Please click here to donate to the new Joe Miller for U.S. Senate Recount fund today.

We know that Lisa Murkowski has called in favors from her Washington friends and is holding a fundraiser with lobbyists and special interests today.

Your support can help us beat back the potential legal attacks and insider help that is holding up Murkowski’s campaign.

With your help, we can keep the Alaska election process open to sunlight and in full adherence of state law.


Joe Miller
Candidate, U.S. Senate
Paid for by Joe Miller for US Senate Recount

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