Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pres Bush: "I Never Would Say Palin a Bad VP Choice"

Rush Limbaugh Interviews President Bush On "Decision Points" retrieved from Real Clear Politics

President George W. Bush on the Rush Limbaugh Show today refudiated media accounts which falsely claimed that he or associates of his said that Governor Palin "was a bad choice" for John McCain's running mate in the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Rush: "I want to give you a chance to comment on something. There are stories going around that do not quote you -- that quote associates or friends -- saying that you are telling them that Sarah Palin was a bad choice by Senator McCain to be vice president..."

Bush: "Yeah..."

Rush: "And that she..."

Bush: "I had never said that, of course, nor have I read it about it. I'm not going to comment on anybody that might be running for president. But that's what happens in today's world and blogosphere, you know. People get to hide behind some code name or something. They toss out gossip and rumor and it floats around the internet. I never said that and never would have said that."

H/T Josh Painter for story lead and text transcript, Texas for Sarah Palin

NY Daily News - Liberal Rag, and Gov. Pataki's Chutzpah

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News - a liberal rag that hates anything with the word "Palin" attached - ran a misleading story about one of the state's erstwhile former governors, George Elmer Pataki allegedly "poking fun at Sarah." "Former NY Gov. George Pataki pokes fun at Sarah Palin, hints at possible run for White House in 2012," the headline blares. Perhaps the News forgot that Palin is the former Governor of Alaska. Accidentally on purpose of course. Beneath the headline is a photo montage of both former governors, with photos chosen that are not flattering to either. Bad shots of Gov. Palin are pretty hard to to come by, but the Daily News always manages to succeed. I wonder why? I mean they are an "objective" news source. Yeah, right.

The story goes on to quote Gov. Pataki as saying he was mayor of a city twice the size of Wasilla, immediately after which he mispronounced John Boehner's name. It's not until the closing sentence does one read that Gov. Pataki would somewhat grudgingly support Gov. Palin for President in 2012 if she were the nominee and that Pataki had supported Paladino.

Not that his opinion really matters much. Pataki was a lackluster governor for the 12 years he served. His administration was corrupt and brought us Client No. 9 as his successor, further succeeded by David Patterson. The current WTC project to replace the fallen Twin Towers is in large part Pataki's brainchild. The project is way over budget and years behind schedule. Next year will be 10 years since the attacks; not one office tower will be online. The steel for One WTC will top out around the time the 2012 campaigns are in full swing. The interdependency of the below-grade elements, and the highly customized floor plates virtually guaranteed this outcome. The project finally began to pick up steam last year - One and Four WTC are going like gangbusters...because of modifications made long after Pataki ceased being our governor.

Gov. Pataki can be dismissive of Gov. Palin and grudging in his support, but he was practically persona non grata at the 2004 GOP convention held here in New York City. His presidential aspirations were a bad joke in 2008 and they are an even worse joke now. The joke is on him. He might also make note that in her final seven months as Governor, Sarah Palin accomplished more than New York State's last seven governors have going back half a century could even fantasize about. Pataki has not achieved one 100,000th of what Gov. Palin has - even in her sleep, which she is reputed to get but three hours of each night.

Gov. Pataki and Carl Paladino are the last ones who are in a position to be speaking negatively about Gov. Palin.

Kudos to President Bush for setting the record straight.
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