Monday, November 1, 2010

Public Policy Polling Shows Miller Winning by 7 Points

Despite all the tricknology and chicanery pulled by desperate and hopefully soon to be former Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Public Policy Polling sample found that Miller would win by 7 points against both Murkowski and McAdams. The RINO and the Democrat are simply splitting each other's votes to Miller's advantage.

Volunteers, please submit your stories here.

In the final 24 hours of this race, a new poll has our campaign winning tomorrow night by 7 points.The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling found 37% plan on voting for us, and the rest are split between the two liberals I’m running against: 30% support Democrat Scott McAdams and 30% plan to write-in Lisa Murkowski.

But we can't rest now. We have to keep working until the polls close tomorrow night.

Will you help us maximize excitement for the true conservative in Alaska? Click here to make a last minute donation or volunteer for the campaign.

This poll is good news in the midst of media coverage determined to make us lose. While the PPP poll reflects the tremendous enthusiasm we encounter, the only poll that matters is coming tomorrow.

We need support from Alaska and throughout the country for a victory tomorrow. Will you take a few minutes today and help our campaign?

Click here to take action and help the campaign.

This has been a tough fight over the past few months, and we appreciate
your continued support, donations, and time.

Voters are poised to elect a wave of strong conservatives tomorrow. With your help, Alaskans can join them.

the best,

Joe Miller
Candidate, U.S. Senate

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