Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Sarah Palin Vault

Several months ago, Whitman Publishing stumbled upon the Town Hall syndication of Governor Palin’s Thank You Letter to me for my support of her. He requested my permission to use it in a new book that would feature reproductions of important artifacts related to Gov. Palin. After receiving his assurance that the book was positively predisposed to Gov. Palin, I granted the permission and provided a high-resolution scan of Gov. Palin's Thank You Note. I am listed in the book's Acknowledgments.

The point of providing the Note was to illustrate her graciousness as a leader. I'm just some ordinary person who lives as far from her as Warsaw, Poland is from New York City. She found it in her heart to thank me the same day her hand signed six appropriations bills and prepared a disaster declaration.

I am pleased to announce that Sarah Palin: An American Story, A Collector's Vault or simply, The Sarah Palin Vault has been released and is on sale now at the North Star Group. Amazon, which hosts The North Star Group, does not have publisher-supplied images; however, I supplied five images with annotations.

Measuring over a foot square and over an inch thick, and weighing nearly five pounds, The Sarah Palin Vault is a unique book. The photo and artifact journey of Gov. Palin's life is housed in a substantial slipcover. From Whitman Publishing's description:

[N]ationally known author Dave Lifton tells the inside story of Sarah Palin—from small-town Idaho to the governor’s mansion in Alaska, to center stage on the national political scene. The Sarah Palin Collector’s Vault doesn’t just include behind-the-scenes photos and fascinating text. Tucked into pockets and envelopes you’ll find more than 40 replicas of amazing Palin memorabilia: campaign bumper stickers, Alaska recipes, famous speeches, old postcards, and more. Portrait cards of Sarah’s heroes, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. A Boston Tea Party poster. Autographed “thank-you” cards. Plus historical replicas like the check the United States wrote to buy Alaska from Russia.

The Sarah Palin Vault pp. 110-111 showing the Thank You Note out of the pocket with inside content. The Note’s inside content is also highlighted on the backcover, upper right-hand side of the book and its slipcover. The reproduction copy of the Note is about 2/3 the original size and is printed on high quality glossy card stock.

The Sarah Palin Vault pp. 110-111 showing the Thank You Note out of the pocket with the Note's front cover.

This photo shows three Alaska postcards that are tucked into a pocket on page 10.

Must-Have for Sarah Palin Supporters

This is a must-have item for any Sarah Palin supporter and well worth the cost. Having skimmed through it the past few days, I learned a few new things about Gov. Palin and her life – and I’ve written about the Governor on my blog, US for Palin (and its predecessor), for over two years now. Having the reproductions of treasures such as selected gubernatorial proclamations, thank you notes, posters, and other artifacts brings her story to life, because you’re not just merely reading about them - you're touching them, seeing them. It’s a completely different experience.
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