Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today Show: Sarah Palin's Alaska - Primer for Sarah 2012?

Sarah and Todd Palin Interview with PalinTV retrieved from MSNBC

H/T Sheya, Conservatives4Palin

In an unusually friendly and supportive interview (MSNBC is a traditional arch-enemy of Gov. Palin's), Sandra Sobieraj Westfall this morning discussed Gov. Palin's marriage and family and how Sarah Palin's Alaska may be a primer to a possible Sarah Palin 2012 Presidential run. Her husband Todd, and her children are on board and supportive of a 2012 Presidential run, leaving the final decision to be Gov. Palin's to make.

Sarah and Todd Palin have been together for 30 years and have a solid, well-functioning marriage, Westfall said. Reports of Gov. Palin's alleged $12 million income in nine months are grossly exaggerated; she still has not reached that number. Westfall dismissed Karl Rove's fanciful notion that the series would be deleterious to a Sarah Palin Presidential campaign. In the show, Gov. Palin surmounts a portion of Mt. McKinley, despite her admitted acrophobia. Her knuckles are routinely bruised from her kickboxing classes, and she challenged Rove to come up to Alaska and "see what a woman does in a man's world...."

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