Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gov. Palin Brings Reagan Conservatism to Long Island

Captivates and Excites Audience of Over 1,000

The Obama administration is spending our country to ruin Gov. Palin said during her question and answer session held at the Long Island Association's (LIA) Annual Luncheon in which over 1,000 participants gathered to hear her Reagan Conservative message. During the session which lasted approximately one hour and three minutes, Gov. Palin delineated her positions on several key issues with Kevin S. Law, President, LIA who interviewed her for the session.

Gov. Palin said our country needs to learn to spend within its means. She held up a 1964 issue of Reader's Digest which advised people of the era to spend five cents on a postage stamp and tell their representatives that if they couldn't do this, they were fired. She joked that Michelle Obama promotes breastfeeding likely because milk is becoming prohibitively expensive. Gov. Palin provided the audience with sobering statistics on the rise of various commodity prices.

When questioned about how we should proceed with energy production following the BP disaster, Gov. Palin said that the motto should remain "Drill Baby Drill." She said we should emphasize near-shore drilling and also shale deposits. She said that continuing to rely on foreign countries - many of whom don't like us - is a national security risk.

On gun control, Gov. Palin said that while she supports laws currently on the books, she does not believe there should be additional legislation. Criminals are not going to get a law book and read about what capacity magazines are legal. She said that criminals are the ones who should be punished, not law abiding citizens.

When asked about the Tea Party and whether it would be a strong force moving forward, Gov. Palin said yes and added that the Tea Party includes Democrats, Republicans and Independents. She stated that her husband, Todd is an independent who prefers not to be involved in any party machine.

Law asked Gov. Palin what her thoughts were on questions related to Obama's birth certificate and his faith. She said that those issues are distractions. She does not question his legitimacy and does not care what religion he practices. Gov. Palin said, that Obama's policies are what she finds troublesome.

On health care, Gov. Palin reiterated her message that ObamaCare needs to be repealed entirely and the issue approached from a fresh start. She emphasized that the ability to purchase insurance across state lines and tort reform should be part of new reforms.

When asked if she is going to run for President in 2012, Gov. Palin said she is still considering it. When Law asked her what qualities she would seek in a candidate, she said "women manage things better than men, so a woman - a mom." She said executive experience would help - "like being a mayor, sitting on an oil and gas commission, and being a governor."

Law asked Gov. Palin why she hired a chief of staff. She said she did so to relieve her husband from having to perform many of the duties.

Gov. Palin said that one way to learn about people is through how they play. She routinely invites people to Alaska to snow machine. Those who can handle adverse conditions without whining earn her respect. Bristol Palin was present at today's gathering as Gov. Palin's silent partner. Bristol did not entertain media questions. Governor Palin and Bristol Palin will be returning to Alaska for the Iron Dog this Sunday, February 20. Todd Palin and Eric Quam constitute Team 11, starting position three in the 2,000-mile race.

All photos copyright Ron Devito, US for Palin.
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