Thursday, February 24, 2011

Iron Dogs Palin & Quam Bracketing 1st - 3rd Places Leaving Nome

Gov. Palin in Nome to Support Husband

Four-time Iron Dog Champion Todd Palin and Eric Quam are bracketing between first and third places as they leave Nome, the halfway point in the 2,028 mile race. Out of 30 teams, 17 remain in the race with 13 scratches - three of those before the race even began.

Photo Courtesy of courtesy of Rick Small of Anchorage, Alaska

Photo by Tim Akimoff - KTUU / February 23, 2011. [Gov.] Sarah Palin showed up in Nome, Alaska to cheer for husband Todd Palin and his efforts to win a fifth Iron Dog race.

Gov. Palin was in Nome as part of a family tradition to support her husband, KTUU's Tim Akimoff reported overnight. "At the Iron Dog, a race from Anchorage to Fairbanks with a stop in Nome, where average speeds can approach 80 mph on ice-covered rivers in Alaska's remote Interior, spousal support means trekking to Nome for the halfway festivities -- sometimes with snowmachine parts in hand," Akimoff wrote. The Palin family will road trip to Fairbanks, where the race concludes.

"It's their thing...They're in their element out there....[It] takes a different breed of cat to be out there in this...They're out there and it's 70 below sometimes, pitch black and they're on a frozen river fixing a sled...I look at the life lessons in this raceThey will do anything to help each other out, but they have an extremely healthy competition with each other...I think these guys are the toughest men on the planet. Girly men don't ride the Iron Dog," Gov. Palin said.

Within a week following an Iron Dog, racers are planning for the following year's race, Akimoff reported.

H/T Samantha Terry Velazquez, Sarah Palin News for KTUU story lead.
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