Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Governor Palin Looking Forward to India This Weekend

By Adrienne Ross -

Governor Palin will be in India this weekend speaking at India Today Conclave 2011. Today, India Today reported:
There is tremendous interest in political and media circles in America over Sarah Palin's visit to India.

The former vice-presidential nominee of the Republican Party and Governor of Alaska from 2006-09 will exclusively attend the 10th India Today Conclave on March 18 & 19, 2011. She is the featured Keynote Speaker at the closing Dinner Gala of the Conclave on March 19, where she will share her vision of America.

"I'm very excited to visit India. Americans have a great respect for the world's largest democracy," Governor Palin told India Today Conclave Team. "India and the United States are partners in trade and business affairs, and working together our two nations can build a more peaceful and prosperous world."


Governor Palin epitomizes the theme of the 10th India Today Conclave: 'The Changing Balance of Power'. A working mother of five, as a mayor and governor she emphatically broke through the gender-ceiling in Alaska. In the process she cleaned up political corruption and championed reform to allow the private sector to grow.

Her nomination as a vice-presidential candidate was no less remarkable, breaching as it did the overwhelmingly male bastion of the Republican Party and bringing the increasingly compelling political influence of 'middle America' to the elections.

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(h/t Sheya)
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