Monday, March 14, 2011

Judd Gregg Cries a River over Sarah Palin

Waaaaah....she's not electable. Give me a break.

Judd Gregg is crying in his milk at The Hill over how the race for 2012 just isn't shaping up like he thinks it should and how this could potentially, gulp, allow Sarah Palin to win the primary nomination.

Who would this favor? Does Sarah Palin come to mind? Although she is not viewed by most as strong enough to win, she is viewed by many as a person worth voting for to make a statement. And primaries tend to be populated by people who go to the polls with the purpose of making a statement.

Finishing second and third isn’t really a big deal — until you get enough delegates to be the nominee. And picking a nominee who it seems would be easily defeated by President Obama might not be the best statement

Allow me to sum up his entire little piece for you:

Attention! Attention! I am important. I know things. And about this here upcoming primary...No one will take the lead! No one is clearly the one the media should target! So I know, I just know, that since you people are stupid, you are going to pick Palin to make a statement, and I must remind you, with my attempt at a zinger in the last sentence that, well, Palin is not electable! Gaaaaah!

Oh, Judd, Judd. So, you're telling us that if Palin ran against Obama, you would vote for Obama. No? Why not? That's basically what you're saying. And all the people in America, even as unhappy as they are with Obama's reign, would too. Really? That's what you're saying. Have you lost your mind? Where are you getting this?

I'm sorry, but if I look at the state this country is in, along with millions of other Americans, I'm voting for whomever is running against Obama on the Republican ticket. What are you going to do, Judd, if Gov. Palin wins the nomination? Stay at home in protest, like some pouty Republicans did in the mid-terms when their candidate wasn't chosen? What kind of American who respects all that has been sacrificed for him in the birthing and growing of this great country does that...just runs away like the Wisconsin Democrats did?

I'm sick of this "she's not electable" garbage. If Gov. Palin decides to run in the primaries, what's it to you, Judd? She has a right to compete and Americans have a right to choose.

It's time to end these silly pontifications and get on with saving the country. Americans who have the privilege to reach a large audience should be tackling the White House's agenda, not trying to prevent fellow Americans from cheering for one of the only people that dares to hold President Obama accountable. I just don't understand, and I hope I never do. It's messed up.

I'm going to get my first cup of coffee now.

Carry on.

Karen Allen

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"Everyone Is Against Sarah Palin (Except The People" -KentonAK

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