Friday, March 25, 2011

The Problem with David Frum: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Palin's trip to Israel was well received by the majority of Israel and a necessary trip for those considering a run for president. Many individuals are praising Palin for visiting one of the United States' most trusted friend and ally. Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin praised Palin for her visit to Israel. In his most recent note posted on Facebook, Levin commends Palin and takes aim at liberal Republican Commentator David Frum, describing him as a "disgraceful, petty, Palin-obsessed Washington-insider" and criticizing him for his recent disappointment in the fact that Palin booked her trip through a Christian tour group and did not take the Washington insider route and use the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) to book her trip.

Frum really does not get it, and Levin is right to call him out for his lame attempt to criticize the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate just because she did not go conventional route. Who cares which group Palin booked her tour through? It is clear that Frum is once again barking up the wrong tree in his awful attempt to pretend he does not care what Palin does or says, when it is clear he is obsessed with all things @SarahPalinUSA. It is not as if he paid for her trip to Israel. Then again, with his disapproval of her not picking the RJC, is he offering to pay for her next trip? After all, Palin said she cannot wait to return to the holy land. But I am not holding my breath that Frum would fork up much of anything other than ridiculous criticism. Levin sheds light on Frum's obsession with Palin picking a Christian tour group over the RJC:

But that's not good enough for Frum. According to him, she didn't use the RJC, of which he is a Board member, to handle the event. As an American, Jew, and conservative, I consider Frum an embarrassment. With rising anti-Semitism throughout the world and support for Israel weakening in the West, including among young people in the United States, he should be praising her visit and her commitment to Israel. He should encourage more such trips and meetings by more opinion-makers and politicians, regardless of the group that handles these events. Instead, Frum focuses on nonsense. This is why Frum is neither taken seriously nor should be by a growing number of thinking conservatives.

Frum has never hidden his dislike of Palin, but it is his latest comments that are the most surprising considering the fact that Frum is Jewish. Frum is yet another example of those obsessed individuals who say they do not care about what Palin says or does, yet whenever she does say or do something, they have to find something about it to criticize. This, my friends, is the number one symptom of Palin Derangement syndrome. Mr. Frum, if you are serious about wanting to be taken seriously, then, I suggest you find something of high intellectual value to complain about. Until you do, I suggest you refrain from stirring up complete and utter nonsense and looking like a fool in the process!

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