Friday, June 3, 2011

Bikes, Buses, and Clams

What a week it has been! The poor press is probably begging for a bit of time off to rest their tired, over-used keyboarding fingers. Sarah Palin has had them scrambling since Sunday morning when she hopped on a Harley to ride with the Rolling Thunder group on their annual “Ride for Freedom.” What was the big “news” story for that event? Well, Ms. Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC managed to interview a member of the group that was unaware of the invite Ms. Palin had received to participate. Shoddy journalism, but it does happen. The more distressing story involved Chris Wallace of Fox continuing with the fallacy of “she wasn’t invited” during his Sunday show AFTER Mitchell’s story had been corrected by other media outlets--including direct statements from those involved with Rolling Thunder. Perhaps Mr. Wallace needs a refresher course on research. Regardless of the media’s mistakes, Sarah and family looked great and highlighted the work of a wonderful organization.

Her week continued with a tour of the northeast. What a wonderful and educational family vacation it was! Stops at the National Archives, Gettysburg, and the Liberty Bell were all included. Sadly for the press, an advanced itinerary of the family’s daily plan was not available. But afterall, this was just a tour of some of our nation’s historic sites. The lovely guv is not an official candidate. As she so clearly stated, she “owes the media nothing.” Some in the press whined about waiting in the heat or lack of bathroom breaks. (According to Politico one journalist even had to stop at the side of the road to go which gives additional meaning to getting the press all wee-weed up! Maybe a little less coffee would help?)

Her time in New York involved a stop at FOX’s studio. Just recently an article detailing that network’s deliberate attempt to minimize Palin’s possibility of running for the GOP’s nomination, began making its rounds on the Internet. Many long-time viewers of FOX have noticed a definite negative slant towards her recently (with the exception of Hannity and Greta). A word of warning to FOX, we’re watching (literally) and expect you to be “fair and balanced.”

Pizza was also on the menu for the Palin family while in New York. Donald Trumped dined with them. Hmmm...wonder what they talked about? The press was busy talking about Sarah’s use of a knife and fork to eat that yummy pizza. Maybe someday actual issues will make it into their day’s notes.

On Thursday, the day Mitt Romney announced his candidacy, Sarah attended a clambake in New Hampshire. The press worried that she might be taking attention away from him. Perhaps this was the case. Friday’s local paper had her event on the front page. Romney’s story was found on page 3. But let’s be honest for a minute, which was the real news story? We’ve known that Romney was going to run since, well 2008. We still aren’t completely positive that Sarah will run. We hope. We pray. We look for signs. And when we find these signs (whether its “fire in the belly” or a clambake in New Hampshire, the first primary state) they often do make news.

The last picture I saw of Sarah involved her having coffee with NH Senator Kelly Ayotte. For those who forgot, Sarah endorsed Kelly in November’s election (one of Sarah’s many November 2010 successes). What a perfect way to wrap-up a visit to NH!

As I finish this piece, I’ve learned that Sarah will be on Fox News Sunday. Many of us will be watching. Will Mr. Wallace be “fair and balanced?” He’d better eat a good breakfast because Sarah’s just getting back from vacation (even if it was broadcast around the world)--fired up and ready to rumble! Maybe we’ll get to see him apologize for the error he made when he stated that she wasn’t invited to the “Ride for Freedom.” In fact, I think that would be a wonderful way to start the interview!

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