Sunday, June 12, 2011

Emails: Gov. Palin a Hard-Working Public Servant

When the State of Alaska released over 24,000 of Gov. Palin's emails, the mainstream media feeding frenzy was on to come up with the next "-gate" story. Surely in that batch of emails, there had to be some buried bodies, corruption, bribery, embezzlement of tax-payer funds, a nice, salacious sex scandal, curse and threat-laden emails, or written displays of egregious bad judgment. Now, into its third day, reporters have found nothing of the sort. Even the normally left-leaning CNN concluded from their reading of the stack that Gov. Palin was a hard-working public servant committed to her constituents' best interests.

When SarahPAC's treasurer Tim Crawford asked for volunteers to read Gov. Palin's emails, I answered the call this morning, going to Crivella West Incorporated searchable database.

AGIA and Transparency

This email is a short-notice request for a meeting on the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act. Gov. Palin cleared her schedule for the meeting.

Click image for full-sized version.
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The following letter is from constituent John F. Teeter expressing his approval of Gov. Palin's fiscal prudence. Click image for full-sized version.

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The following is from an exchange on the reduction of business license fees. Click image for full-sized version.

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Military and Veterans

In the first one, Gov. Palin expresses her anger that she is not being timely briefed on military deployments and home-comings and finds out after the fact. "I've asked repeatedly to be in the loop and it's unacceptable to still not be given info on military activities that I am expected, and should be, participating in," she wrote.

The second email is a thank you letter for participating in a home-coming.

Click the image for the full-sized version of both emails, (H/T OP Ditch, Vets4Sarah).
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In this email, Gov. Palin makes clear that she is available for the entire 2008 Memorial Day weekend to sign bills, especially those that are military-related. Gov. Palin routinely worked and continues to work up to 120 hours per week. Click image for full-sized version.

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Here is more, pursuant to the same weekend. "These troops are worthy of a good event to announce the benefit they can receive." Click image for full-sized version.

Birthday Message - "A Wonderful Governor Who Puts Alaskans First":

In this birthday message from 2008, a Alaska Department of Natural Resources employee thanks Gov. Palin for "being a wonderful governor who puts Alaskans first."

Click image for full-sized version.

Retrieved from:

These are just a few of the emails which prove that Gov. Palin was a tireless, selfless public servant, who put Alaskans first. She was not a mere politician; she was a stateswoman. Conservatives4Palin has a comprehensive sample covering AGIA, The Bridge to Nowhere, Budgets, Taxes, and other areas.
-Praesis ut prosis, ne ut imperis.
-Lead in order to serve, not in order to rule.

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