Sunday, June 5, 2011

New England Republicans

A few days ago, I ran to my husband and exclaimed, “Romney just said he believes that the world is getting warmer and that humans are responsible!” My husband (who has lived in New Hampshire and Maine since a toddler) replied, “What do you expect from a ‘New England Republican?’”

After living in Maine for the past fifteen years and experiencing Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, I know all about New England Republicans. They may have an R after their name but often vote with the Democrats. Those two women are responsible for more spikes in my blood pressure than my own teenage daughters! I love that they give Republicans two more members in the Senate but hate that we cannot rely on them to always vote in a fiscally and socially conservative manner. They represented the two Republican votes for the disaster of a stimulus plan that was passed in 2009. (Arlen Specter of PA also voted for the stimulus as a Republican but since he changed his party to the Democratic one two months later, I’m not including him!)

Scott Brown is another New England Republican. I had hopes that he might be a “real” Republican during his campaign. He promised to vote against Obamacare. He seemed opposed to big government programs and the tremendous spending to support those programs. But he was one of a few Republicans that voted for cloture on the $15 billion jobs bill that eventually passed and also voted in favor of the START treaty (just like Snowe and Collins) that weakens our defenses.

Now we have Mitt Romney, a New England Republican that wants to be President. I urge fellow Republicans to take a careful look at his record and listen closely to what he says. We know about Romneycare. Last week we learned that Romney supports “the subsidy of ethanol.” (Not surprising from someone that believes in man-made global warming.)

What other views (current and past since he seems to change his mind more often than my son changes college majors) of Romney should raise alarm bells for conservatives? Well, there are so many that the Democrats of New Hampshire already have a t-shirt available with the pro-positions on front and the anti-positions on back. And Democrats are already releasing attack ads featuring his flip-flopping positions.

In 2002, when he ran against Ted Kennedy for the Massachusetts Senate Seat, Romney was clearly pro-choice--including supporting the use of state funding of abortion services through Medicaid for low-income women (based on his answer in the affirmative on a questionnaire from Planned Parenthood). As far as immigration reform, in 2005 he supported a plan he later called “amnesty for illegals.” In 1994 he ran to the left of Ted Kennedy as far as gay rights were concerned (how is that even possible?!).

In the 1990’s he was a gun-control advocate but now opposes it (except for assault weapons). For those who wonder, he told Tim Russert on Meet the Press in 2007 that he doesn’t “line up” with the NRA but is now a lifetime member. Sounds to me like the same could be said about his membership in the Republican party.

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