Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Told You Governor Palin is Running

By Adrienne Ross -

Governor Palin gave a powerful speech in Iowa yesterday in which she unveiled her plan for America. Tomorrow, she will be in New Hampshire. Today, however, she's still in Iowa. So what is she doing there? She's a half-marathon.

Via Gretawire, Greta Van Susteren shares:

Above is a picture of Governor Sarah Palin this morning….in Iowa with a crowd.

She is running and the pic was taken in Storm Lake, Iowa in a 1/2 marathon.

By the way, I understand she had a very good running time…I am trying to get that for you.

UPDATE – her time 1:45

A half marathon in an hour and 45 minutes?! It takes me about that time to run half that! Go, Gov! That'll inspire me as I hit the track for my run later today.

(h/t cardinalmike)

Photo retrieved here.
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