Friday, November 25, 2011

The Power of Sarah

Well, it has been weeks since I heard Sarah say that she would not be running for President in 2012. I must confess that I was terribly sad on that day (and for a few that followed). However, now, as time has passed and the wounds have somewhat healed, I take great joy in realizing that even if she is not a presidential candidate, Sarah Palin can still cause positive change in this negative political world.

Her choice to use the phrase “Crony Capitalism” in September was probably not mere coincidence. Peter Schweizer’s (the man who was her foreign policy advisor) book “Throw Them All Out” tells of the unfair system by which members of congress have already made tens of millions of dollars by using tactics that could put an ordinary citizen behind bars. The book details Crony Capitalism to an extreme! To believe that Sarah was not aware of the book, its topic, and the potential impact is just silly. She knew this would be the next battle on her hands. Governor Palin went into that battle prepared and has emerged successful. The STOCK Act (Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge) had over 90 co-sponsors in the Senate as of last Friday. Hearings will be held soon. I predict that soon it will be illegal for our congressional representatives to profit from insider trading. (Too bad that common decency did not put a stop to such bad behavior much earlier.)

No other candidate can make the claim that their words and views are immediately having an effect on current policy. Instead, each is so focused on emerging from this primary as the sole victor. Even though most are trying hard not to blatantly fight each other and instead only criticize policy positions and previous decisions, the struggle is taking a toll. Had Sarah Palin jumped into the race, she would be defending attacks from her fellow GOP comrades while trying to wound them as well. It is the nature of the primary battle.

However, as Governor Palin is not participating in the primary race, she is able to place her entire focus on fixing the government NOW. Not after the primary when she would then be campaigning against Obama. Not in November 2012 after she won the election. Not in January 2013 after being sworn into office. NOW! An entire 14 months earlier! We have seen what this woman can accomplish when she makes it her mission. I am so eagerly anticipating seeing the differences she makes in this country’s government during the next year (and beyond). The future of my children may depend on it.

I would like to see Fox News give her a weekly hour to host a “Conversation with the Candidates” show. She could sit down, one-on-one and really ask the questions to which so many of us wish we had the answers. Republicans are just not happy with the field we see. Perhaps with Sarah’s help, we might see things that are not so obvious. I’m not sure if the powers-that-be at Fox have the courage for such a bold program. It sure is fun to imagine watching it each week!

I believe that Sarah will not go quietly into the night and fade from the eyes of the world. She knows that she has the power to create a better place for those who may feel powerless against the political machine. She knows that she has a moral clarity that is lacking in so many in our government. Whether the left-leaning media likes it or not, she knows that when she speaks, we listen. And from those words, we are given ideas that will help our country to return to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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