Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gov. Palin: "In Favor of Girls with Guns"

On New Year's Eve another Sarah shot and killed a man who was breaking into her house. Sarah McKinley, 18, a single mom was protecting herself and her baby and asked the 911 Dispatcher about the legality of shooting the intruder. Police ruled the shooting justified.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today offered her support of young Sarah in an email to National Review Online, saying, "I love that young woman. I’m all in favor of girls with guns who know their purpose. She fulfilled a purpose of the Second Amendment. I’d advise my own daughters to do the same. This mom protected an innocent life. Kudos to the 911 dispatcher, too."

Providentially, Girls with Guns is also the name of a manufacturer whose bucket cap was featured on Sarah Palin's Alaska Episode 4, making her look like a SWAT sniper. Girls with Guns is an US for Palin site partner.

The former Alaska Governor is the Second Amendment's Guardian Angel. She won the National Rifle Association's 2010 Sybil Ludington Award, which is the highest award for women who support the Second Amendment (Disclosure: I was one of three nominators nationwide). She was won numerous other Second Amendment-related awards. Gov. Palin also at least twice partook in an ancient tradition common to all cultures of the world and reserved for great leaders: she was bestowed with weapons. In 2009, she was bestowed with a highly customized .50 Beowulf AR-15, which she was not able to take possession of while in office. In 2010, she was bestowed with a .44 Magnum Henry Rifle.

Here is a video with Gov. Palin firing a Mossberg 500 at a simulated charging bear. Her cheek and shoulder were slammed with recoil force equaling about 38% of her body weight. Her shots hit dead on. Gov. Palin was also disadvantaged by the factory stock which was of a design that permitted the gun to travel over the pistol grip during recoil, leading to an oscillation of the barrel. Newer designs are fixed and don't use springs for recoil reduction. The old design also did not reduce recoil as advertised but instead re-directed it to the cheek. Having experienced it myself, I can say - it hurts. honor of Gov. Palin's emailed statement to NRO, tonight is Cross Hair Night at US for Palin. It's long overdue to light this joint up in cross hairs.

Gov. Palin:

Thank you for getting this lock and load party started and giving us something to celebrate!

Now, let's do this thang! Mil Dots are my favorite. Zero it in for 300 yd. and holding mil dots will get you out to around 670 - 700 yd. before you've got to fiddle with elevation (Savage 10FP firing .308 Remington 180 grain pointed soft points). You can simulate this on the cheap with a .22 LR by shooting it at 300 yd. You get a 10-foot drop at 300 for the .22 and a 10-foot drop at 700 for the .308.

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin for Story Lead

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