Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gov. Palin on Bolling: GOP Must Contrast; 1st Dude Went Rogue

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin thrice said tonight that the Republican Party must contrast its free-market, capitalist principles with the Obama machine's socialist, authoritarian welfare state policies during a single-segment TV interview with Eric Bolling from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. When asked if her husband, Todd consulted with her prior to endorsing Newt Gingrich last night, Gov. Palin responded, "No. The First Dude went Rogue. Todd is about hardhats, steel toes, and getting people back to work," she said noting his involvement in vocational technology (vo-tech).

In her three statements pertaining to the GOP contrast of visions, Gov. Palin referred to Thomas Sowell and Adam Smith, both of whom wrote extensively about that subject. Her forebear, President Ronald Reagan once said "let there be bold contrasts, no pale pastels."

In analyzing tonight's New Hampshire primary election results, Gov. Palin said she expected that both "Gingrich and Santorum will have a better showing," because South Carolina is center-right while New Hampshire is center-left. Both Gingrich and Santorum are vying for fourth place as of this writing with only 10% of the vote. Romney is leading at 38%, with Paul second in trail at 25% and Huntsman at 15%. Perry is barely clinging to 1%. Gov. Palin said she does not "think it's game over yet" for the non-Romney candidates. She said the first time "there needs to be more aggressive debate" about the contrasting vision between free markets and free people and an authoritarian welfare state.

Gov. Palin said it was good to talk about Romney's operation of Bain Capital now rather than have an October surprise, which is what the Democrats would have wanted. She also understood the other candidates taking shots at Romney since a superpac associated with him spent over $17 million on negative ads, particularly against Newt Gingrich.

Gov. Palin held steady on her reticence to endorse a candidate, despite Bolling's attempts to get her to do so. "I'm waiting just like 60% to 70% of Americans...to see who is the best candidate to go against Obama and his $1 billion machine and 90% of the media." Bolling suggested that with Mitt Romney's solid financials, he might be in the best position to do so. Gov. Palin responded, "Romney may be the guy, but you never know. Things are volatile." Gov. Palin reiterated her over-arching theme about contrasting between free markets, free people and an authoritarian welfare state, adding that the GOP has to unite around this contrasting message after the nomination.

In discussing Romney's quip that he "enjoys firing people," Gov. Palin said "capitalist policies are mutually beneficial, but you can't deny there was tone deafness in his statement," a phrase she twice said tonight. Gov. Palin then gave her third and final word on the importance of contrasting visions citing Sowell and Adams.

Bolling played a soundbite of David Axelrod saying he thought Romney would not have had the courage to pull the trigger on Osama bin Laden. "That was weak of David Axelrod to falsely accuse Mitt Romney of not being able to pull the trigger on Bin Laden," she said. "Any of these GOP candidates would have done it." When asked if a "President Palin would have done it," she answered, "Absolutely! Without blinking an eye!" Gov. Palin said even Ron Paul would have though he is looking at being able to afford to have a strong military.

Video retrieved from SarahNET.

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