Monday, January 23, 2012

Gov Palin on Bolling: No Run, No Endorse, Unite, GOP Field Strong

"We've got candidates who can do the job. We can't be spewing negative rhetoric against them. We need to be united. I'm proud of the American voter," former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said in the closing moments of a TV interview with Fox Business' Eric Bolling from her home in Wasilla, Alaska as her fireplace roared behind her. Gov. Palin's statement was in response to Bolling's "are you running? Your supporters hear you and think you should run!" Gov. Palin said that with voter vetting, the GOP field will produce a candidate who will be successful in taking on Obama in the general election.

Gov. Palin said Florida voters should tune into what the media is doing and see if they are being fair. She also cautioned voters to watch and observe the elites in the GOP machine. "They're content with crony capitalism," she said. "If they seem to be unfairly attacking, run and vote in the opposite direction." Gov. Palin further cautioned Florida voters to observe which candidates have cut budgets and government growth. "We need Reaganesque in the White House," and someone who can work on both sides of the aisle, Gov. Palin said.

Gov. Palin also said the media will try to "tamp down the influence of the Tea Party movement. Gingrich, Paul, Santorum, even Romney have all promoted Reaganesque low tax, free-market policies. Do not ignore the roar of Tea Party patriots," Gov. Palin said.

"I want an even playing field. The media is goading Romney to release his tax returns," but Gov. Palin noted that no such goading has occurred with Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, neither of whom are releasing their returns. Gingrich had been goaded to release his tax returns and Freddie Mac contract. "some people want to pick an issue to hang on one candidate. If one candidate is being goaded to release tax returns, they all should be, Gov. Palin said.

Gov. Palin said that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie "made a rookie mistake" by saying that Newt Gingrich "is an embarrassment to the Republican Party" for various reasons. "He played right into the media's hands." In what has become the takeaway from this interview, Gov. Palin said, "sometimes when your candidates loses in one step, you kind of get your panties in a wad. It reflects a lack of self-discipline." Gov. Palin reiterated that it was a "rookie mistake" and that Gov. Christie had been in office only a year or two. She made reference to his use of a state helicopter to attend his child's ball game, a move that could be seen as embarrassing to the Republican Party. "He'll learn that the media goad you. He just produced an ad for the Democrats to use if Newt is the nominee," Gov. Palin said. She added that Gingrich fought HillaryCare, balanced budgets and worked with the Democrats on key legislation such as welfare reform.

On Obama's forthcoming State of the Union address, Gov. Palin predicted "it will be more reflecting of the failed policies of Obama. He is going to try to explain that getting deeper into debt will get us out of debt. The American public was awakened. His speech is so Orwellian. He is the opposite of what we need. That is why people are rising up and boldly going against him and calling him a socialist if need be. He needs policies to drag everyone down to level the playing field in his vision," she said. Gov. Palin said that our President's policies should uplift everyone, and that's done by re-industrializing, eliminating the corporate tax, reducing the size of the federal government, and allowing free markets to thrive.

Video retrieved from SarahNET

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