Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gov Palin on Hannity Radio: Poltics of Destruction by Dumb-Arses

"For being so brilliant, they are so dumb," Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today said about the liberal media and "holier than thou Republicans" who are hot on the trail of both Newt Gringrich's divorce from 11 years ago and Mitt Romney's holdings in the Cayman Islands. Gov. Palin gave her statements on Hannity's radio show referring to those who are pushing both stories as "dumb-arses." Gov. Palin said both candidates were being "McGinnissed," a reference to the stalker who moved in next door to Gov. Palin so he could conduct a months-long dirt-digging campaign to write a libelous smear book about her.

While enemies of Romney and Gingrich both engage in politics of politics of personal destruction, the Obama administration has killed the Keystone XL pipeline, making us more dependent on foreign oil, much of it from enemy nations.

"More and more Americans are fed up with this and that is why they go to Fox News," Gov. Palin said.

On Romney's holdings, Gov. Palin said he paid his legally required corporate and capital gains taxes on them, thus he did nothing illegal.

Gov. Palin said; however, that the more vetting that takes place, it's better for the candidate and the voters. "We don't want to make the same mistake we made" when Obama was elected without being vetted.

Regarding the nontroversy surrounding Newt Gingrich's statement about 13-year-olds being able to be janitors, Gov. Palin said she did precisely that work in her high school and early college days to raise tuition money.

"The people of South Carolina know what is going on. Their eyes are open....the vote will be reflective of the wisdom of the people of South Carolina. We're not going to let the media pick our candidate," she said.

Audio Transcript retrieved from SarahNET

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