Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gov Palin on Pirro: Keep Vetting, No Endorse, but Strong Newt Support

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said she wanted to keep the vetting going, and would not endorse a candidate, but spoke highly favorably of Newt Gingrich in her single-segment TV interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro from her home in Wasilla, Alaska.

"I've been the proponent of keeping vetting going and of aggressive, but fair debating," Gov. Palin said. "I've seen pundits, even on this network saying that this race would be over after Florida." she said that only three states thus far have voted and the other 47 states "should have a chance to chime in."

"I want to hear from Santorum about repealing ObamaCare that Romney was the architect of. I want to hear from Ron Paul," she said detailing his positions on the fed, QE II, and other domestic economic matters. "I want to hear from Newt and his passion about the Reagan revolution. I want to hear from Romney, how he is not ashamed of his personal financial wealth which he earned through hard work. I don't want the process to end yet."

Gov. Palin said President Reagan was not afraid to take on other Republicans but he knew not to use the politics of personal destruction. Santorum noted that "Romney drew first blood," she said. Gingrich had to hit back. The GOP establishment does not want him to shake things up. "Look at the players in the establishment. They are trying to crucify him. Both party machines are trying to crucify him. Keep vetting: Vote Newt. Annoy a Liberal, Vote Newt," Gov. Palin said, also stating that he "is engaged in sudden and relentless reform."

Judge Pirro asked Gov. Palin about Gingrich's moon colony proposal. She acknowledged that it "would be an expensive proposition, but JFK had not just the romantic idea of [putting a man on the moon] but being first." Gov. Palin said our space program was important for the national psyche and for its contributions to science. "There is nothing wrong with grandiose ideas," Gov. Palin said, adding that we waste tremendous amounts of money on silly things such as cowboy poetry.

Judge Pirro recited a viewer's Tweet asking which candidate Gov. Palin thought would be best able to defeat Obama.

"Which candidate is most passionate about sudden and relentless reform?" Gov. Palin said Newt Gingrich "would clobber Barack Obama in a debate."

To which, Judge Pirro asked Gov. Palin if she just endorsed Gingrich.

Gov. Palin said she wants to continue the vetting.

Video retrieved from SarahNET

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