Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gov. Palin on Pirro: No Endorsement, No SC Predicted Winner

"I want to help the cause, not hurt the cause. At this point, I'm vetting candidates like everyone else...I'm going to vet, live life and keep the fires burning at home," former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said in a two-segment TV interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro from her home in Wasilla, Alaska as her fireplace roared behind her.

Tonight's interview mainly pertained to former Arkansas Governor Michael Huckabee's South Carolina question and answer forum for the field of declared candidates. Gov. Palin said she found no surprises from the forum. She cautioned the GOP to not "take a page out of Obama's playbook. GOP, let's not do that! No question should be censored or banned. All issues should be on the table. I'm a free-market capitalist. I understand the private sector and creative destruction, how jobs come and go."

Judge Pirro asked Gov. Palin what she thought Newt Gingrich directly making a negative statement against Mitt Romney in violation of the forum's rules. "I didn't tune in to it at the beginning to see what the rules were. We are busy. People have lives to run. these candidates must be concise, have solutions and not just throw out soundbites," Gov. Palin said.

People want to know "who is it that is best to undo what Obama has done to this country? Our debt is equal to our entire GDP."

Judge Pirro asked Gov. Palin if this election would be about class warfare. "Well, President Obama would like this election to be about class warfare. I don't think most Americans are envious of those who have succeeded," she said.

Regarding an Evangelical group supporting Santorum, Gov. Palin said, "I think it is a strong message of support for Santorum. Value voters are important, but jobs is the number one issue. People are losing jobs and homes. Jobs, and the economy are an even more driving force. Seventy percent of jobs in South Carolina are from small businesses. They need certainty....Nothing has gotten better under Barack Obama," Gov. Palin said.

She would not predict a winner in South Carolina's primary, which is a week from today. "I don't know, Judge. Value voters will come out strong," Gov. Palin said followed by a reiteration of "I don't know."

Judge Pirro noted that Santorum was selling his sweater vest. Gov. Palin said she would buy it if the proceeds were to go to a worthy charity.

Video retrieved from SarahNET.

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