Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gov Palin on Stossel: Obama's Policies are Shared Misery

Obama promised "more government growth and centralized federal government planning to create a utopia for us....[The State of the Union] was frustrating to watch....Socialism is shared misery," former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said on her premiere interview with John Stossel from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. On Obama's line about using an "all of the above approach" to energy - a line he ripped from Gov. Palin - she said, "maybe he's come around in his rhetoric, because it's an election year." Gov. Palin noted that many Gulf oil rigs closed during his drilling moratorium and would take months or years to return following the removal of the moratorium.

Obama never spoke about ANWR, drilling, Solyndra, or our massive debt and deficit, she said.

"People want to believe the best," about politicians, Gov. Palin said, but she said "voters should step back and do a little research," even though "we have lives, and are raising children," and do not devote our lives to politics.

Gov. Palin reiterated her position on Ron Paul. She does not support his isolationist foreign policy, but said "he is the only one who is passionate about doing something about our debt. His austerity measures are spot on."

Gov. Palin also said the GOP establishment and the liberal media do not like Newt Gingrich and are "crucifying him," trafficking in falsehoods. She regarded Peggy Noonan's "angry muffin" assessment as little more than pure hypocrisy, since one candidate was being targeted for something all are doing. Gov. Palin said she had dealt with it for her 20 years in politics.

Video retrieved from SarahNET

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