Monday, January 16, 2012

SarahNET Radio Interviews Y4P's Nicki Scroggin

Youth for Palin's (Y4P) mentor and leader Nicki Scroggin yesterday discussed the group's goals and objectives in an interview with Kevin Scholla, who hosts "The Palin Update" on SarahNET Radio. Scroggin explained that Y4P chose not to get involved with the draft/reconsider/write-in movement, because former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin "said no" to running and "gave the order" to vet candidates. Scroggin said she was listening to Gov. Palin's words and following her examples and orders. Y4P has compiled resumes, biographies, and other information the candidates so that voters could make a more informed decision.

Scholla also briefly discussed Todd Palin's endorsement of Gingrich and Larry the Cable Guy's visit to the Heaths and Palins earlier in the week.

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