Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gov. Palin on Asman: Candidates Must Step Up Game to Beat Obama

The four declared candidates must step up their game and articulate solutions to our national problems if voters are to determine which one to coalesce around, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said on Fox Business' Power and Money with David Asman. Gov. Palin is still in New York City and this interview was conducted in the NY studio. She spoke at length about fighting the establishment - those who want to maintain the status quo - and winning.

She said many voters perceive Romney as not being conservative because of his prior record. Gov. Palin said that Romney should admit that RomneyCare - his brainchild - was a mistake that he should not have foisted upon the citizens of Massachusetts. But, Gov. Palin said none of the candidates are breaking the 30% hump.

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