Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gov Palin on Bolling: Would Answer Brokered Convention Summons

Though she is "thankful to be able to make a difference without a title and without being shackled to an office," Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said on Eric Bolling's final show on Fox Business that if the GOP primary/caucus season ended in a brokered convention and she were summoned to serve, she would answer the call. Gov. Palin, however, reaffirmed her oft-stated positions that "any of the candidates are better than Obama" and "all of them have their strengths." In her interview with The Five, Gov. Palin had said that if Romney were the nominee, she would support him, reaffirming prior statements that she would support whoever the GOP nominee was. She noted that if the primaries were ending now the outcome would be a brokered convention because of the lack of enthusiasm for any one individual.

Gov. Palin said that this election would be about "big government versus freedom-loving Americans. This is not a partisan issue or about race, or demographics," she said in response to Bolling's question about young kids in CPAC standing on chairs just to get a glimpse at her. "These kids understand they are equipped to make the right decisions."

In one of her most inspiring sentences, Gov. Palin said, "every ordinary individual is equipped to do extraordinary things."

When asked about how she maintains her perspective in the face of her enemies' smear attacks, Gov. Palin said, "Politically, it's easy to keep things in perspective. I know how the game is played. Liberals can't beat me on the issues, so they try to destroy your reputation and thrash your family." Gov. Palin said she can deal with it when it's done to her, but does not like seeing it done to other people. Personally, she referred to Isaiah 8:12-13, which essentially says, "get the chip off your shoulder and forget the conspiracy theory about life being against you. Life is too short to be bummed out."

Gov. Palin said that "getting to shake hands with those who made the extra effort to be at her speech" was her "favorite part."

"We are all in this together. We want government to work for us, not against us and get off our backs. The government does not trust us with our health care, light bulbs, or gas mileage," she said.

Gov. Palin recounted briefly her last four years which have been full - from the moment she got Senator McCain's call at the Alaska State Fair, to packing an overnight bag to answer the call to be his Vice President, her return to Alaska and resignation from office. "I am still an Alaskan and still advocating for energy independence and responsible development. I still live there."

She noted that candidate Obama and President Obama are the same person and he is in fact delivering the socialism and fundamental transformation he promised. Voters were "schnookered" by him she said.

Gov. Palin debuted on Bolling's show in October 2010. He said he was honored to have Gov. Palin as his final guest. Gov. Palin is New York City and has been on a whirlwind circuit of Fox shows today including Fox and Friends, America's News Headquarters, The Five, and this show.

Video retrieved from SarahNET.

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