Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gov Palin on O'Reilly: Candidates Should Focus on Beating Obama

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight called upon the GOP declared candidates to focus their energy on "who is is best equipped to take on Obama and his failed policies" in a single-segment TV interview with Bill O'Reilly from her home studio in Wasilla, Alaska.

Gov. Palin also urged voters to not listen to the negative ads put out by the super-PACS and the candidates and instead do their own homework, and do their own vetting. "It is imperative that voters do not become lazy," she said. O'Reilly said that while may viewers of his and other Fox shows would do it, he considered most voters to be ill-informed.

Gov. Palin said the candidates need to focus on how best to mount a campaign against Obama. She also said "it is not negative campaigning to call out records, past associations, and what another candidate has said and done in the past." She acknowledged O'Reilly's thesis that negative campaign ads ultimately become free ads for the Democrats to use against us.

"I hope that [the candidates] keep their priorities straight," Gov. Palin said adding that for her faith, family and freedom come first. Gov. Palin said she has a thick skin but is "sympathetic when she sees others going through what I have."

Video retrieved from SarahNET.
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