Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mama Grizzlies' Thunderous Roar: ShePAC Forms

A two-pronged PAC - ShePAC - has formed headed by "Teri Christoph, one of the original Tea Party activists; and Suzanne Haik Terrell, former Senate candidate from Louisiana who now runs Project GoPink, a group that encourages Republican women to run for office," Alina Selyukh of Reuters reported yesterday. Tim Crawford, Treasurer, SarahPAC conceived the idea and he is the Treasurer of ShePAC.

Chris Moody, The Ticket reports:

Called "ShePAC," an acronym for "Support, Honor and Elect," the group is forming two political action committees to pour money into congressional and gubernatorial elections in support of Republican women. Organizers filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission Tuesday to create a traditional PAC that donates to individual campaigns and a super PAC that can spend an unlimited amount on political ads so long as they do not coordinate with the campaigns.

H/T Michelle McCormick for story lead.

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