Friday, February 17, 2012

Sarah Palin Radio: Obama's Cousin Opposes ObamaCare, Supports Palin

Sarah Palin Radio

Dr. Milton Wolf, cousin of our current sitting President is a Tea Partier, stands adamantly opposed to ObamaCare, and is a supporter of Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin he said in an interview with LaDonna Hale Curzon, Executive Producer, and Host of Sarah Palin Radio. Dr. Wolf praised Gov. Palin's CPAC speech, saying "she's just incredible, isn't she? I think the short version of her speech was 'I'm still here," and the short version of the audience's response was 'why aren't you running?'" He said "Gov. Palin understands that this is about the heart and soul of the Republican Party....either we're going to turn ourselves into Democrat Lite...or the party of Constitutional conservatism...there are some patriots who have paid a very dear price, including Gov. Palin herself."

His columns in The Washington Times and his book "First Do No Harm" have praised Gov. Palin as well, saying among other things that she "has good taste in picking personnel" to work for her. In his columns, Obama's cousin wrote, "Gov. Pain gets what this is all about: The GOP establishment versus the grassroots Tea Party."

In this interview, Dr. Wolf said he is the only Tea Partier Obama has actually met. "The US will be on life support if Obama is re-elected," Dr. Wolf said about his cousin. "To beat Obama, we need to bypass the media and go elsewhere like SarahPalinRadio and social media," he said. About Romney, whose brainchild RomneyCare was the precursor to ObamaCare, Dr. Wolf said he "speaks better French than he does conservative." But, Dr. Wolf also said that "Romney does have a basic understanding of free markets. He just does not articulate it very well."

Dr. Wolf echoed Gov. Palin's oft-stated position that any of the four candidates would be a better President than Obama. "We need to make it politically popular for people to stand up for liberty," he said "even if Obama is re-elected." He eschewed RINOs who "go along to get along." He also said "no elected official should be given a blank check to grow the federal government."

Dr. Wolf espouses the Milton Friedman principle and said if it is profitable for a politician to move to the right, he or she will do so - even if he or she is a leftist. The key, according to Dr. Wolf, therefore, is to create the conditions that make right-ward movement profitable.

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Curzon also is a co-host on US Tea Party Radio, and is a contributor to Big Hollywood, Big Government, and PJTV.

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